Herrick after enumerating the manifold symptoms incident to

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mediastinal neoplastic growth into the right lung involvement of

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very strenuous course of treatment of one type or another over a

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reckoned only from the cases of phthisis but that a large num

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marked by rigors pyrexia and the general symptoms of pus forma

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nerves in connection with the medulla and cord first the micro

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mistaken for fractures and should the case be one when from

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The commonest affection of the thorax is the beading of the

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account of the loss of the internal secretion elaborated by the supra

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ried by care mental and physical vigor of the highest calibre

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Methods of treatment of epithelioma in the past have been as

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duced to this pulverulent form and then be distributed by the air

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remarkably quickly the patient becoming himself within a few

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interpose any obstacle between the oxygen contained in the

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for the study of cerebrospinal fever. One of the authors was a

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thing above per cent a polynuclear leukocytosis. A count below

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leaden hue temperature is subnormal the breath sometimes has a

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External Examination The body is that of a slenderly built

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rhage often very difficult to effect. The patient must be kept

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the physical fiudings of pneumonia were present fluid was later

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and more or less healthy granulations formed so that the edges of

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malt liquors with contraction of the perineal and other muscles

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pepsia caused by catarrh of the stomach and duodenum than

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culty and anguish severe pain at the sternum or pit of the

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into which small quantities of sulphur one or two drachms are

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coccus in per cent of cases of influenza and pneumonia.

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under observation was secured by electrocardiographic records.

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by pressure. The pains attending the onset of influenza closely

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Among these cases other complications were relatively rare.

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tion which we so frequently see but so rarely thoroughly appre

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in contact and is called the decidua reflexa. So that the decidua

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reg on on palpation by Meltzer s method and on rectal examina

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to them. These gland lesions occur only in persons affected by

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which rabbits may be inununized to this organism. The technic

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however it is pointed out that this may be pleurisy empyema

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Those in which the head having descended into the pelvic

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development of the different toxic agents. Whilst some act with

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in olved the greater i ortion of the susceptible persons on board

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the infection. In our sections of lungs from fatal cases showing

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urine multiplied by its heat value which equals. calories per grm.

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is of lower specific gravity and somewhat paler than normal. The

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In treating these patients one should lighten their burdens and