affected person be employed so as to avoid serious accidents.

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secondary drainage. I have no doubt that their example could be

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than before operation. In none of the series of cases operated on at

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the amount of albumen often large. The Congo red and methylene

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harmless. Xo reaction develops in infants while in older children and

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removing gouty deposits is concerned lies solely in its watery

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streptococcus pyogenes and those in very small numbers so

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Giant growth occasionally involves only a part of the body as for

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failin in a diagnostic point. The faeces are valuable in the lat

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evolved from the methods of a number of the best contagious hospitals

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The beans reduced to an impalpable powder and submitted

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Amid the bewildering mass of medical literature a clear cut

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being taken that they do not touch one another and in determin

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is not infrequently observed and may be without apparent cause.

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his weight stationary and repeated sputum examinations proved

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correctly interpreted and very often definite sacculations found

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the improvement of obstetric teaching it must not be forgotten that the

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Tubercular ulceration is generally in the posterior portion of

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The following chapter is devoted to the gastro intestinal tract.

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pelvis the freedom of the renal parenchyma except for a few miliary

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of the hospital and a large number of them continue to attend the

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praised tor conij iling in one oh ne so much valuable data. The

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and the abdomen ecame swollen. The patient began to mit and

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closely resemble pilocarpin and the other class of vagus irritants.

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determining the degree and kind of inflammation that results.

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into them in too large numbers of these organizations as has

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coccus and other organisms. Thus most observers lay stress on its

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accept the possibility that some as yet unknown factor is requisite

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Benzoate of Sodium. Indicated as an antiseptic in erysipelas.

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of the pulse. The respiratory quotient dropped slightly in each

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tively stable structural substances which are acciuired during

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cells were chiefly polynuclears but occasionally endothelial cells

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Four of these so treated recovered later had the large tube

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were less degenerated than the polynuclear cells whose granules

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arrested by building up the constitutional powers and killing the

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It is a matter of great importance to know in all cases what

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trexeville Aix les Bains Pfsefers Gastein Wildbad and Vittel.

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