infection with the trypanosome and as the date of this

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and absorption are the potent factors in obtaining a

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grafted upon Jfe pt in the Alexandrian period the dietetics

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Complete History of the case of the Welsh Fasting Girl

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tion. In no instance has the natural recovery of an animal after once

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lished by the apperception of this suggestion is opposed the set

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ical functions undergo an elevation. Of these three groups of

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that the union Inflrmaiy should be made the base of all Poor

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La trachea artharia o uero canna del polmone e composita de anuli

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authors and concluded Rest in bed and especially sleep protect to

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we have a ready means of ascertaining to which metal the gas

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Dr. Paul Barringer of the University of Virginia read the first

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uncomplicated spasmodic asthma is the one. No remedy or

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of the profession who attended them in those private

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jected experimentally Wilcox does not believe an accurate method of

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bed he may have a disturbed sleep but there is quite a difference

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to the time of treatment was progressive. Persistent

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ing however must have been acquired at or after that period at

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phlets settiug forth the dangers of these diseases. One 01

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lower end of the abdominal incision its point in con

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in closing the gall bladder after emptying it were now removed

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pox than to oppose the insuperable prejudices of the ot Tro XXoi.

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epistaxis associated with multiple telangiectases of the skin and mucous

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schemes for sending aid to the wounded. The War Office

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with descriptive text illustrating the applications of the new photo

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arrested the symptoms and the man made an excellent

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a solution it is endeavored to secure by evaporation a product of

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total extirpations with two deaths T.64 per cent. I

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Vomiting of Pregnancy Relieved by Pop eorn Campbell Li

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growth within the lung of a special microbe the pneumococcus.

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an injury during a runaway accident. No trouble was noticed

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plimentary nuclei are present one of which constitutes what is termed

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explanation for the less frequent occurrence of gastric ulcer in this country

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leading rooms a libr ary and various recreation rooms.

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VI. Charcoal broken finely should also always be given them once or

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administering to a disordered very complex cellular

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completely disappeared at noon and there was then a swell

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Plymouth and Nottingham to 6.2 and 7.0 per cent respectively in

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Garrison in the Annals of Medical Histonj 1919. which

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vegetable or animal fata or fixed oils and containing not less

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in medicinal doses it is used for stomatitis tonsillitis pharyn

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assume a hemorrhagic tyi e. The intemperate die in discrete small pox

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somewhat conservative in her views but she had he saw studied

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