starting point of this symptom complex is difficult to say and

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having a whey like appearance destitute of all spermatozoa except

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by a deterioration of its original properties its organic elements.

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Cod liver oil is beneficial if the digestion will tolerate it where

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for twenty four hours then subcultured in blood dextrose broth.

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A pruritus of indeterminate type developed this may haxe been an

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mencing a systematic attack upon everything productive of this

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agar agar with or without glycerine. The first cultivations should

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being applied is lightly touched with a drop of the staining fluid

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This being so all remedies used internal or local should in the

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on the application of heat is very inflammable and burns with a

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cians continue to imdertake complicated and difficult deliveries without

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The sputum was light greenish yellow airless pus containing the

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The other type of splenic anaemia runs a briefer course most of

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There is often some epigastric pain and discomfort after taking

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Notice to Contributors. All communications intended for insertion in the

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sulphonal or trional. Morphia or opium should be given with the

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tion of a bile containing blood is not of necessity a serious condition.

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oxide of hydrogen. It forms one of the finest and most elegant

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resulted in small pus pockets in either the anterior or posterior media

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resists destruction for some time but finally succumbs. A similar series

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itself has any influence on the disease and resort must be had to

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and so forms the source from which the gouty deposit is derived.

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the quantity and quality of the semen so that under the micro

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there will be immediately precipitated the sulphate of barium

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intelligence to do light work. Many cretins however are dirty in

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fluid finally there still remains the possibility that the pleural

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dences of regeneration are met with depends upon the intensity of

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after having been inactivated. Later this was omitted and al solute

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For sleeplessness from nervous exhaustion place a wineglass

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without selection. per cent gave positive reactions. Fm ther

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taking place completely within two or three months.

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tion round the spots a little carbolic acid lotion or ointment may

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nearly one half of the abdominal cavity its enlargement is nearly

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placing the patient on either side and keeping him there. This

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of which they do no doubt contribute. Meanwhile other symptoms

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the possibility of sarcoma being the cause must be kept in mind.

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There may be several eggs fertilized so that there may be

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made represent late stages of an inflammation affecting the interstitial

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be some distressing dyspnoea and anxiety. In other cases syncope

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