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lessen their attacks by wearing woolens and protecting themselves
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upon such locumtenents as may continue to be available.
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The oil and the ether are put in a bottle and shaken
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management. Mr. Luckey retires leaving one place on the board
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in well marked pulmonary tuberculosis. Of his G70 cases 44 recovered
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itself a potential cure as the essential matter whatever may be the
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S rains or James s powder every four hours and for sevei
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indirect fracture of the other bone. The third type is not often seen.
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nerves and the administration of remedies intended to counteract
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they are by spacious temptations they maintain the
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one of the landmarks of surgery. Ho was juite a big
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Illustrated Guide to the Museum. By Professor Arthur Keith Conservator
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parallel with the nasal cavity through the skin and false nostril
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ness. There can be no doubt that the substitution of wood spirit
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new system of worlds like Copernicus a. new world over the way
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of the croup from one coxo femoral articulation to the other. From tho
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excepting one at length consented to discontinue the practice each upon
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have engaged much of the attention of the Council during the past year.
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Province with his permission to publish the facts. The event was the
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two years from the accident she is enjoying good health
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ny wirhout a nionds and all kernells arc covered with bark
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posed of nine cartilages and muscular and connective tissues. This
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convert one of our most unsanitary cities now dependent upon
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the square footage available for troops. With an allowance of 60
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reflexes in diagnosis or the interpretation of their presence
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the glands simply shrink and return to their normal condition in others
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pursues its course free from all complications. Cases too in
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at the most dependent parts of the pockets and irrigating the wounds
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doubt because they had vigorous convictions presented
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received from the British Drug Houses Ltd. a sample
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case tlie injection was made immediately after the operation
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Where is the filaria immitis found What condition does it produce
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of an operation. It will nearly always convert the necessity of a
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in which the condition of the coronary arteries was recorded
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This celebrity then this decadence of remedial agents are unfor
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Expansion of Medical Ser ice American Medical Association 199
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tied. The tonsil is then grasped with Hett s forceps lifted out
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lirium with delusions and hallucinations he found a
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