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nevertheless this lesion may result in a collection of

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Beciprocity The Secretary was insimcted to write to

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liver oil and pancreatine is recommended by Dr. Richd. Mathieson

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tion however the symptoms are often uniradicular for a considerable time

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McKiNN. Some Clinical Features of Rheumatoid Arthritis Arch of Pediatrics New

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ters it feems evident that the unnatural urine produced as above de

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employed successfidly in a case of fully developed tetanus excision

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Professor Oilier on resection of the knee giving the

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pus draining off a cure being ultimately effected or the

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teeth were intended for the mastication of food and

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soundings dilatations etc. without benefit. Surgical

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vertex presentations suprarenal haemorrhage only occurred

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especially at the third month the pain runs from the back through

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younger the patient the better the result. Thus of the

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diate vicinity. All we can do is to reason by analogy

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mental department of the British Salonica force with a positive malaria

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We have seen operator after operator working in simple pus

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getting ecjual numbers into each jar and tests were made with

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necessary for appropriate triage stabilization of patients with traumatic

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Many advocate the tension theory viz. that an increase in the ten

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the theoretical deductions. From these considerations

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placed and cardiac dullness not increased 5 radiography

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when accidents occur inasmuch as injuries are not inflicted upon

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almost intolerably offensive carbolized washes were used

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a complete examination at every first visit. I wonder what they mean by

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Physician to Bellevne Hospital and Attending Physician to RoosoTelt

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One year ago it appeared scarcely possible that an ectopic foetal

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was occupied by a contracting cicatrix extending the entire depth of

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being which present a certain similarity and to seek among them for

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By either of these methods satisfactory results should be

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cal considerations and in his effort to be concise has

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so far as I can discover almost every case which has been admitted

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are preceded by symptoms chiefly referable to intestinal irritation.

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gestea measures by wnich the hospital could be maintained and

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drugs rest exercise massage mechanotherapy psychotherapy hydro

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Fn the diverse com licated positions of tho posterior limbs in this

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Dr. Osier saw the patient two days after admission the day

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in many produces intolerable itching. All three derma

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sad oitoscopic inspection of the drum membrane should be made to

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divided into three according to A the height and further according to

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the pain the intermittent and especially the expulsive character of the

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had frequent recourse to general and local bloodletting employed cups scari

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by second intention but in M. Bourgade s opinion that is the

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phenacetin urethane and other synthetics as well as

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a vasodilator and is likely to intensify the capillary paresis it is better

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as although the new president s scientific attainments are

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beginning of the digestive tract. With its contents it is the organ of

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larger and Rtronger than the right and contracts with greater force.

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heritance is good digestive and nutritive power. 3

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wound of exit was over the petrous portion of the temporal bone

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pleasant night muscles very lame and wounds sharply

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Tilting Litter to Left to Illustrate Efficiency of Immobilization or Patient.

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should pay particular attention to the cases of Dr. Cook and Dr.

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It will readily be gathered from what I have already writ

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