crystals they are in reality crystals of bilirubin.

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health as a consequence of eczema seborrhoea or other disease of

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has eventually to yield. At the same time she may be liable to

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joints of the left hand remained acutely painful red and swollen

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that the organised irritants are living and capable of multiplication.

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further increasing the quantity of radiation the injury becomes more

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Austria in Italy P rance and England and more recently in our

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division of white cells in the blood itself. Where each variety of white

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organs and often starts an attack of diarrhoea and vomiting which

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thyroid testes and voluntar muscles very exceptionally and the nervous

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in disease of the respiratory system in disease of the heart of the

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causes no pain in its introduction it separates and distends the

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thick brown envelopes which exhibit characteristic radiating and con

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relief from the intolerable itching. Amongst these tepid gela

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The skin eruption at first resembles severe sunburn followed by

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completely out. the cases most commonly brought under

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abound in all forms of shell fish in decaying sausages in im

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less for good in pernicious anaemia. It is quite true that there are

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renders the brain proper a favorite site for the location and evo

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the production of uric acid whether the proteid matter be of animal

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however under the conditions of chemical inflammation of the meninges

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ever that many of these cases might have shown an increased cell

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Since the pneumonia ma he due to a numl er of different infecting

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the right base the dulness has a tympanitic quality.

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used monkeys rabbits guinea pigs rat and man. Of infections he

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esting account of some of these advances in our knowledge of how

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bronzing of the skin in other respects resembling the foregoing but

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may be prevalent without cretinism and this is the case in m.any

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hccmorrhage a diminution which is said to be extreme in cases of

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was. per cent. This was in striking contrast to a series of

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action as an antirheumatic is simply due to the salicylic acid it

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recovered from the right lower left lower and right upi er lobes.

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stump to the fascia underneath the trigone of the bladder. This opera

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Mix. Make ten powders give one every three hours or more

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mosis retention of the sebaceous secretion around the corona

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In the chronic cases and in those cases occurring since the signing

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drated vegetables were without effect in two instances in w hich an

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amples they are round raised and circumscribed spots with a

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who suffer from it. It is almost if not entirely confined to the

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acid appear persistently in the urine when it should be admin

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While at the hospital her cough increased in se erity expectora

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from those cases where the after birth is over the mouth of the

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