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and were all negative for Gram negative diplococci. The last

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cellular tissue bone carbuncle pustule or its reception by a dis

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of the same temperament identical in color of hair skin eyes

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probably by reason of the direct hemolytic activity of mineral acids and

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author expects to review in detail the importance of the cortex of the

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attacked are larger single or few in number and near or in the

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With rep ard to intestinal disinfectants we Tubercular ukers of the

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This was observed not only on animals opened imder an anesthetic

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may indeed all be regarded as being vulnerable in this regard.

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etc. which were further supposed to predispose to certain phases of ill

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down. No doubt the best position is the bed in the recumbent

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The appetite is poor and constipation or diarrhoea is frequent.

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merated when administered the microbes imbibe this poison

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are replaced by a single one convex backwards commencing near

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remarkably sensitive and the greatest delicacy and kindness

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general muscular soreness and coryza. Symptoms of less frequency

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Five gallons of air were aspirated from a sewer in Fourth street

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either within the body or out of it which causes the degradation

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with the changes in the blood a progressive anaemia being established

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The pathology of empyema was found at autopsy to be that of

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slightly pulled to right. Arch of aorta moderately dilated. Evidence of pleuroperi

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Sanitary science has clearly demonstrated that the disease

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any mucous membrane especially that of the urethra or vagina

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enters into combination and its deposit in the bone is prevented.

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puncture reveals conditions that are wellnigh distinctive. Reference

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the most obvious instance of this is afforded by umbilical hernia

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factors involving the disturbance of pressure relations within the

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ear and impaired hearing were the only s nptoms on admission in

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and consists in a deposit in jthe form of the minutest sepia colored

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were killed and revealed tul erculous lesions in these glands in the spleen

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All physiologists and naturalists agree in asserting that the

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urine and stimulation of the metabolism of the liver and of

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immature red cells including the characteristic megaloblasts into

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prognosis dne to tuberculosis with large pyopneumothorax in each.

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which distinguish it from the inflammatory effusion complicating

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