quito breeding pools are scattered with houses and other feeding

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either in a progressive ulcerative process that converts

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It is to be noted that the susceptibility of the reflex arc to

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exudate in the lung is absorbed. Meakins on the other hand considers

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will be considered under the head of urinary sediment as they generally

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sulted from the hemorrhage so often induced by the use

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ciples herein set forth might be further amplified particulaily

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the ground that the mind does not become insane. The part affected

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to the Vienna General Hospital has succeeded in pre

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develop. themselves. Among these are protracted and excessive flow

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recommended as a means of aiding the escape of gas accumulated

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tion of electric ozonation completely cured this pa

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to do with the present Accounts and that it is a painful and

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Admiral and the principal officers of the navy divers

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Goiter Result of Surgical Treatment of Exophthalmic Carrington Williams 346

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that compose an epileptic fit Now either of the three portions of

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fact. Their uniform report is that our examinations present greater

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as the minuter bronchia tubes become invoU ed in the eatarrh.

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lation of the albumen thus effected is an important

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extends along the pulmonary lymphatics to the entire interlobular stroma.

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mercury and certainly they exert no specific action in

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from eastern North Carolina to Ohio where he found the spleen palpa

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admirable motto for a general hospital commander who should always

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South. At present the following febrile affections are recognized by vari

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since they sometimes lodge in the pharynx and cause irritation if not

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and to multiple pregnancy. Concerning the latter our author adheres

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Tom Ochiltree 4 by Lexington 118 lbs. Jerome Park June


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by the writer were in well marked neuropathic families. An immediate

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ceased autopsy fatty heart. 22. From Bardeleben s clinic

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tically what is now universally adopted I believe as a

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rib on the left side a short time after he left the

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tainly no proof and I think very little probability that such

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changed conditions of business and mode of living really predisposes to prema

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so while reduced iron the oxide carbonate double salts

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those occurring in clinical diphtheria or does the presence of

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value. The section in the chief engineer s office is concerned pri

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which recovery is rapid by fatigue of the whole muscular system

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not to bring into force the reduced dispensing fees

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caustic substances. Finally it may arise from various

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those cases in which it was administered by the mouth there

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personal experience with it but those who have had occasion

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Omentum The caul. A fold of the peritoneal membrane covering the

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an equal number in the practice of his colleague Mr. Gowlland

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ten days. The cough frequently persisted much longer

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the manipulations of a hand in the uterus will greatly facilitate turning.

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pura or after excessive use of mercury. In some instances small

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in a position to report the result of its deliberations to

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the neighborhood by posting the following notice on

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in gonorrhea but for this the requisite skill is of

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A physiological classification of medicines depends upon their

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fused with the true moccasin Agkistrodon because he is

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be added are not used for breeding so that the stati.stics have no

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to the anthemis but are rarely used in this country except by German

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Congo French The Distribution of Sleeping Sickness in Upper

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This painful sensation manifested itself in crises lasting a fort

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practised as a last resort for sustaining life. When supplies have given out

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ing critics sarcastically wrote Charles Lamb less than a

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constant congestion of such exacting organs as the ovaries.

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to and from the lungs and helps to prevent the aspiration of foreign

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bakers pearl button makers cigar makers and laundry workers. The list is

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and we oljserve tacfu rardia. It may occur with a diphtheritic neuritis

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