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the application of fundamentally differing yes of antagonistic critical

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must continue to search for the undiscovered threads and links still

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tions on corpora libera abdominales IV. Studies on hemal nodes

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by Professor Litten is uniformly enlarged without a trace of infarction to

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while the purity and enthusiasm of his mind endeared him to his

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cure of cancer superior to any artificial aid drug knife or what

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Paralysis Spinalis. Palsy of the lower half of body. Two varieties

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there were 133 in which there was involvement of the ner

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tends to assume a musical character on the principle of asso

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dren of a distinctly neurotic type. Neurotic children

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in more temperate climates and uiuler favoring circumstances epidemics

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temperature of the sun the terrestrial and solar spectra would be

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of the Soldier School of the Detachment Litter Drill Methods of Re

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the progress of tuberculosis. He hoped that the Government of

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serum and the nidus for the development of germs. Follow tbem

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The 852 families contained 5 068 persons of whom 186 were pella

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mostly where the rib movements are freest namely the lower part of

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to Physicians accompanying their request with 25c. to pay

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ciety March 1906. 10. Idem Erasmus Wilson lecture on Pyor

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culation the inflammation ceafes which is promoted after fufficient

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tion there was marked increase in the transmitted breath and

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mention must be made for examj le of the 12 to 16 h.p.

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retaining their position as Branches carry on the work

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ules FoereCer. Tho pjiorus may be greatly con tHetcd by tU k

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coming on insidiously with no marked reduction of tempera

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inary Medical Association and the members of the Valley Asso

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between the pericardial surfaces. As a rule however the signs

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All the cases mentioned in this paper were first attacks in

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indicates what is possible in this direction for the great mass

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soon after the body had been cut down we observed merely a

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Roads Movement in the spring of 1915 he called a meeting of the

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education and years of association with men of culture

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being excreted through the kidneys. Such a hypothesis was supported by the

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Neisser gonococcus. Since then some forty essays had

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extraction is not contemplated makes for safety. A mode

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syringes the next dose of insulin obtained by draw

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a bath enteric fever only shown after the eruption has ap

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made little progress at first in spite of the breast feeding.

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cessful result was to be obtained pointing out the difficulty

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sources unless previously filtered or better still.

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There were venereal services in five of the evacuation hospitals

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I have been surprised in some cases to which I have

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