had received six doses of strophanthin and digipuratum every
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Diet in gout. A rational mixed diet is the one best suited for
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pain whilst the liability to collapse must be met with stimulants
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minutes of coma. The blood pressure was but dropped to after
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official would supply to these persons such amovmts as would appear
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inorganic elements emphasizes anew that it is unnecessary tp con
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chiefly brought about by means of i dilution of the irritant removal
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Vomiting purging sometimes with bloody stools abdominal cramps
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strated in leprosy syphilis and in a disease of mice recentl. described
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common is more easily recognised than the morphinist. The two
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spersed through it exhibits a net work of spindle shaped spher
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St. Luke s Hospital New York Director of Cancer Research
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treatment of this case the author performed a high amputation of the
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the autonomic ner ous system in those cases designated as dis
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and if so to direct treatment accordingly. The question is of some
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to the disease being of nervous origin some derangement of the
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In some cases of chronic endometritis with leucorrhoea and
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erect position. Two of these did not develop one in any position.
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either with or without bleeding. This pain is more calm like and bearing
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ozone ointment with atropia salicylate of soda with creosote
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bacta it also effectually sterilizes the sarcincB ventriculi and sar
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mosis so paralyzes the parasite that it is expelled. Its action on
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the production of the immime serum. He concludes that even with
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plaint. Finally about four years ago his mother took him to a
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sistent and prostrating. Ilematemesis was seen in two fatal cases
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As regards milk the lactose it contains prevents it forming part of
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this type we owe much to the researches of the pathological depart
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early splenectomy in Banti s disease. The second case gave symp
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and tannin pill constipation relieved by fruit loss of voice
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all modern conceptions of the disease have been introduced. The
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in the red corpuscles which entitles the affection to be ranked
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phenomena of an internal and of an external secretion since in such an
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extremely difficult. The three cases of sudden death reported not
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the bacilli tubercle are in the blood then all that is necessary is
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The disturbances of deglutition varied from mild dysphagia t lt i
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experience that it offers o reat possibilities in the treatment of any
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That it acts most efficiently when combined with the acetate of
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moreover is actually dangerous of application in pulmonary hydatids
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rapidity. Its destructive action can be appreciated nay calcu
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tube and the density of the urine will have diminished.

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