point of view of house surgeons and dressers in siu gical wards.

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but usually very soothing to the patient witli severe bronchitis. Appropriate treat

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in these cases the patient often becomes so fatigued during the first

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Disease Obesity Phosphaiuria and OxaJuria Chronic Rheumatism.

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been appHed to all epithelial growths semim alignant or malignant

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mild drinks were insistent needs and useful aids it was necessary to

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taken at both lunch and dinner and in abundant quantities. The

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no organic lesion exists the use of avena is curative because it

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chronic rheumatism gonorrhoeal arthritis or chronic synovitis due

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rhage becomes more profuse still pain is absent. A microscopic

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theory is the statement that the older infantile repressed wish is a

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presentations may develop a difficulty in labor. Under some circum

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muscles of the right supraspinous fossa was also noticed. Physical

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afford a location for the germ to run in once there the tendency

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decreased breathing and scattered moist rales were heard in both

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begins as a localised arthritis will develop into the generalised form

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Bacteriological Findings Heart s blood pneumococcus lung

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the axillary space. As it grows breast may atrophy. Rate of

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diagnosed except by the discovery of the characteristic ova in the

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week or more he finds that he is unfit for exertion and unable

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goneness and dyspepsia are traceable to defective phrenal nutri

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morphinae hydrochlor. the effect being carefully watched. Inhala

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of the nerve are affected differently the fibre itself exhibits de

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according to circumstances. In cases that are acute it is com

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scattered over the specimen. Two hyaline cells and one finely granular

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Tlie l ok closes with a long chapter on histological and autoj sy

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sion of the protruded intestine by flatus or faeces or a tumefac

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He may take treatment half a dozen doses or so sufficient to heal

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Anatomical Diagnosis Bronchopneumonia empyema right

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Except in the case of individuals with early chancres there are no

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by their hosts Commensals but it excludes those which living

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This leaves cases in this group or. per cent. in which syphilis

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nating rales were heard over the dull areas. Heart was pulled to the

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determined. Physical findings in the lungs without symptoms of

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