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Although the gonococcus is an immature germ never enters
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ous area of the lung. The striking feature of the pericarditis was
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characterised by a progressive enlargement of the spleen accom
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stand in strong contrast to animal proteins especially meat in that
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disease from the symptoms that he can observe without the aid
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over desperately sick men and the exceedingly high daily
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that the uterus of animals rendered unconscious by high section responds
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lemon and no milk or sugar at breakfast and tea time plain or
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added to one or two tablespoonfuls of water injected into the
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The average time from marriage to the birth of the first child is
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indications wanting of a possible dependence of obesity upon
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But the important feature is not merely that the wish is uncon
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The Prophecy. We are now on the threshold of an era in which
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sistent in eunuchs. Possibly like the pineal it has a limited function
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Meakins and Priestley and a specific pathology underlying these
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stomach and bowels. There are many preparations of it all of
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cated in the cure of all female disorders as amenorrhoea dys
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with the view of modifying the action of the sympathetic nerves
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on the excessive production of the active principle of the thyroid
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method of treating cases of this kind especially in the early
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force this tissue starved nervous system is chiefly due to
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influenza developed pneumonia or. per cent. Of these
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The responsibility of the tissues in which a new growth occurs for
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close to the spinous processes on both sides and the incisions packed
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Third and Fourth Mo iths. The fundus of the uterus rises

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