JOINT is that in which the foot is twisted outward so that

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gland or structure the conditions are right for the maximum disablement of

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these deformities. It is surprising how much can be done for

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respiratory alteration. It is said that the dose of

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its severity. There may be as the result of some trivial

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necessary if we are adequately to discharge our responsibilities to the patient.

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institute treatment with a very meager knowledge of the facts. Here autop

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in the neighborhood of the fifth nerve. Gradually the process extends

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oral opening and is called the oesophagus. It is thin

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very large. If they occur without any haemorrhages from other situa

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so by dividing their time between the Academic Department either

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of each a precious privilege calling for the help the sympathy the ministrations

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dition had been produced by the pressure of the crutch under

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little HsSOj. A crimson colour indicates the presence of bile acids.

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abscesses or permanent injury through sequels roaring

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and formed differently from the rest sometimes by abortion fewer than

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In the intervals between attacks it is essential that the gouty

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mass. The former is designated as the rostral cranial nerve

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the Wabash and ordered to the Naval Hospital Phila

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Appendix contained a black pin which had entered the canal point

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present in the nasal retina. Less than a disk s diameter from the

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surance service by the Government of Northern Ireland

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of vision in an apparently healtliy woman aged 26 years in which

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eration she is day after day assured that she will experi

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more complex temperaments are more complex and less

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Tlie lobule behaves just as the arm enclosed by the cuff

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lar group of patients and the shortest quently retroperitoneal

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the glans partially covered to retain sensitiveness of

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excellent his lucidity is such that the reading of the

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or repute. He was the son of a successful and esteemed practising physician

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The fortunate possessors of Woodh Librarv complete have

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Arderne and MondeviOe Valeacus de Taranta 1382 1417. physician to

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error. We will imagine that the left side of the prostate

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other organ have their special peculiarities. It seems

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tions are those of the thyroid and suprarenal bodies. The thyroid

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symptoms of impending death a three quarter per cent

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Naomi Naiema Chelcie Jess everyone from Club Library BTG

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other hand the venous blood returned from the head and the

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ures are that we employ in this condition they must

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Pacific North West in October 1919 appearing almost simultaneously in

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tic occurring for the most part in the lymphatic system the Bfcin

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spleen but at the bacteriological examination of these abscesses no pyogenic

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tTelefirams Associate Kdinburtili. Tel. 4361 CentraM

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assume the form familiar as stellar phospliate. MgHl O may come down

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The great reduction in the amount of preventable disease fore

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his work as Lizars did for McDowell s. In 1800 Sir Humpho

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upper cervical region occasionally the seat of spina

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parts of the school building he has been visiting. Then

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linen compresses dipped into fluid soap which is mixed

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