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here reported show that the carbohydrates of the banana are well
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larva of a Scarabaeid beetle acts as an intermediate host for
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Public Health Reports. Formerly Abstract of Sanitary Reports.
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of having first studied the systematic and favorable
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The thermometer has been higher and the river Seine lower for the last
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than by convincing them that it would not pay them to
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to have been employed with much benefit in syphilis. Both of the above
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ordinary condition so that some other factor than the tension brought
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three days followed by acute dysenteric symptoms mucus blood
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structure of the muscle elements. Of the 50 cases studied the author
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heavy corrosive sublimate to subside and quickly pouring off the
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which two or more Caesarean sections had been performed.
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Division of which the ambulances were part crossed to
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myo fibroma as it is comp gt osed of connective and
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agoplasty. Maylard describes this operation as follows
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ber kept ventilated but fewer bed clothes are needed less
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simultaneously. The face was pale pupils not noted.
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gasoline over my face and chest and it naturally cccurrod to me that
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Apart from general tonic management there is no special treatment for such
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streptococcus Streptococcus melanogenes which is found in
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Nearly all sanitar recommendations made during the year by post
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fort. The ointment to which I referred is spread on
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patient who had had five stillbirths and had been sent to
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was resolved to examine six candidates daily four in the fore
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should be gently rolled between the fingers and thumb of one hand. Through
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trypanosomiasis has been found in the Lower Salum. As in the Upper
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Spirochccta pallidir can be seen as delicate fine pale

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