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Various modes of treatment have been recommended but the most effica

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Report of the Section on Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine.

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of Its efficacy. Although several observers have reported

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from the intestinal tract into it and to a less degree

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in good condition. In Scotland however particularly in Caithness

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the Albatross in wavy bands several yards wide and hundreds of feet long.

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An essential characteristic of the CTlstridaB is the necessary parasitism

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disease is one of the intestines kidneys nerves blood muscles or skin.

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approach that of 1838. He then divides the deaths in these

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bites of flies. Emaciation and debility set in and the death rate is

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of glasses is of as much remedial importance as prescrib

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jority of all cases of syphilis. It is claimed that how

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of the stomach wall high tension of the circulatory

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greater than had been known for many years and yet it

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plieated yet quite effectual plan is given in the cut on next page.

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parently desperate cases such as those of Mr. Lawson and Mr. Pugin

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