American medical profession writes this in a private
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consisting of partial or complete paraplegia anaesthesia
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cannot be recognised during life or its clinical phenomena are so inti
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ally in the second or third week of convalescence. Occasionally it occurs
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scribed accordingly from a tea to a tablespoouful a teaspoouful the
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of war that blows in our ears makes the still small
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reader is the author s method of dealing with retained placenta after
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them were exceptional cases in whom the chest measurements could
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after one hour. The hydrochloric acid is then determined.
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a Lembert stitching of the button as unnecessary. This
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completely the advent of antibodies into the blood Table I.
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gained will be promptly passed along. It will reach the general practi
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duction of bacteria into the blood of animals renders
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comjilcte. the regenerating cells having their origin from the
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are generally worn one on the trunk and one against each leg. Dr.
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halecina Salamandramaculata S. Ambly8toma rubra S.salmonea young
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Kachs Ceorgi reaction. The author is investigating the
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the Library is a two dimensional manporer problem. Hie present
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physical activity they develop large appetites w hich
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The corps surgeons should each be assigned four companies of heavy ambulances three
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The tumor was tubercular in character and was found in the ascending
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ing these cases when removed from their homo surroundings and treated
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what is divalproex sod er 500 mg used for
upon the heart and arteries in the propulsion and circulation of the blood.
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suffice to control tho bleeding and steps should be taki n
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patient demanded rehef and was submitted to an operation on
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tisements of various patent medicines have practically con
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may by interfering with the nutrition of a part predis
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was employed including the opening of deep paraproc
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neglect a slight wound which with infection becomes an
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fray whilst so many strong and robust but devoid of patriotism and

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