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Cultures not taken. Unfortunately the cultural characteristics of the strepto

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the involved and elaborate nature of its subject. Dr. Gordinier

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mile from this house and within view of it is the famous Burrow

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were disqualified because they had not yet been in practice in

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That the Representative Body reaffirms its opinion that the

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nation showed in addition to tenderness over the brachial plexus

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Aversion to food. Incontinence of urine. Recovery preceded by

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tory must be stimulated by means of drugs having specific action on the

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Food in Constipation. Reader writes 1. What foods should be

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annually in the United States by preventable diseases.

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In apparently healthy individuals transient hemianopia is not an unfre

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eases and at the Pennsylvania Institution for Feeble minded Children at

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bottom whilst the reaction takes place in the middle

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gestea measures by wnich the hospital could be maintained and

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count of the eggs only one female is introduced at a time.

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of the right eye was performed with compensating suture. On

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The parrot belonged to a tuberculous woman who was in the habit of

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retary to hand slips of paper around to the audience requesting

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Prognods. The prognosis is always doubtful but in the majority of cases

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scesses as soon as the capsule breaks perhaps before. It

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not say that 1 was not long in recognizing the familiar but

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transmission to the left of the apex for the distance

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at all hours for the modest sum of half a guinea 2.50

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It cannot be done when bad housing makes against it.

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girls controlled entirely by women. The board of trustees are women

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ing explained by the patient s statement that he had

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only per day with a specific gravity of 1 035. Commensurately with

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