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friends or relatives. The strain of su h years is apt to
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to attempt the application of the forceps or version
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one. An epileptic fit is due speaking broadly to a dis
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the cervix a classification essentially the same but differing
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sponged with weak saleratus Avater. The alkali has a beneficial effect on
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ally in animals induced extreme anaemia of the brain
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a proper dietary and the administration of tepid diuretic fluids as
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Appendix XI. p. 246 consists of two kinds of cases one eczema
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Journal this morning in which it is stated that at a Union meeting
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valuable when the general nutrition is below par or
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As a vehicle for the transmission of the germs of tuberculosis dust
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cent of water respectively pttso puso solutions were used. The tensile
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It is common in all tropical regions. In the sub tropics it occurs
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Rich Edwin VV. First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon
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ity of these elements combined. We have seen comparatively
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the hardened tract may prevent the mischief from proceeding beyond
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over the catalogue of the Surgeon General s Library
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pigment does not help in the differentiation from bronzed
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sugar must be constant and extend over a long period.
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reaches. I can not agree from what I have seen of the actual
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spores are seen in the interior of the affected hairs.
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which iodine salts are administered in a legitimate
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of the obstruction are in order of frequency i Congenital
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cataract the ocular symptoms are often present when the
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challenges our attention as workers in the prevention field. No doubt a
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all the deaths. The people who have the disease now in an incurable
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enlarged their experience and added a new contingent to the almost
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muscles of trunk are not involved. General muscular atrophy spares neither
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regents office of a large number of informal applications for license
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find but little scope according to Stoeckel in hospital
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like are due to cerebral hyperemia. Andral has well said that these
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in which they reside. For instance one section forbids a mem
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forwards of lens and iris by pressing from behind upon vitreous body.
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showed that the predisposition consisted in an here
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torate examinations of said College and where no State Society
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their feet have been able to produce arguments which if