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be purely lymphangitic or being of greater severity it may still
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may be seen in the other specimen. These granules are whitish or
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properties analogous to those of this variety. It has a procumbent stem
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deafmutism are really due to intra uterine syphilis or to syphilitic
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breath goes out as one wills and furthermore by loosening the throat
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cent. and asymmetrical in 53 or 17 cent approximately.
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more successful in other parts of the country in their claim that
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Such a supposition is possible for it has been seen that this reversal
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whenever that is possible. McGraw Detroit stated his
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Malarial fevers. Unfortunately due to the insufficiency of funds
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of reading. It is the desire of this company to place samples of
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and were thus enabled to remove the starched splint from the cast. This
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James C. Shellenberger acting asst. surgeon from Piqua Ohio to
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large dividends not only in the saving in human life and
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order to cut through these very thick lobes a blade
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lington here quoted from one of his papers a description
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rolling in every direction and showing no tendency to keep
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rise to eructations of sulphureted gases. The prepara
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sidered cured. Adults must see that their trusses fit accu
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It measured 35x44x11 cm. and weighed 18 1 0 grams. The
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the principal dairymen of the country is that the Jersey commonly called
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diagram above line 3 represents the relative number of individuals of the
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the most important sources of disaster iu x raying for
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A large number of drugs have been employed in the treatment of the
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with those obtained by Wood and Cerna the chief one of them
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as does the serum of typhus patients. As is true of the serum
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as disintegratcnl. In like manner off plate and cracked plate are
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and sixth nerves and their nuclei in the pons. Movements of the
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the way of the larger insectivorous birds of powerful flight which would
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reference to this formidable malady which is said to have been
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tary origin. The main ice harvesting fields lie between
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stomoxvs may be stated as at least 632 and possibly
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the anterior tibial through the connecting portion of the posterior
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period of the tour of duty and to accompany the consolidated report
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his prognosis. He has noticed that two of the grave complications of
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possible that the habit of eating too fast may thus
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As a matron with five lively children enters the station we recognize Gertrude
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in more temperate climates and uiuler favoring circumstances epidemics
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one or two cases outside of correcting any deficiency in
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uous. They may coalesce furnish a patch of infiltration
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their sockets. About nine years ago tlie second bicuspid of the
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anhydrous chromic acid fused on a probe in two cases touching the
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quantity of hemoglobin present varies greatly. After the
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pathology and surgery. Without progress in physiology and
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place of those that are destroyed and sometimes there is great diffi
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cumstance of a great many gouty people having died from these
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set up. Surely you must know that is an old. and the
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psT and angina pectoris. Asthma also alternates with affections
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occurred to him that possibly something might be done by
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