exaggerated ocular affections is one of the most difficult to recognize
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when correlated with the general health of the population would
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Neither can the savage make agnosticism his life philo
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testify to the value of this procedure such as Jardine and Kerr
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due to this pneumonic infdtration which may surround for some distance
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nia is relatively more common Leichtenstem collected two hundred
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had a different mother tongue no matter what that tongue was in
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importance the particular use for which the animal is intended. If the
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the cells of the cranial nuclei nor any lesion of the
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solar and situated in a kind of fenestrated sheath sur
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never was nauseated never vomited nor belched. The pain never
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every hour thereafter until the leucocytes returned to the numbers noted
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time a layer of embryonic muscle cells sarcoblasts extends
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looking straight down below the sternum. The pulsation of the
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would make a newspaper of more than 6 000 pages aver
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not reach the root of the matter. In your professional life
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attacks was applied for a short period and discontinued
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fifth pair of nerves to the centre and thence reflected to the opposite
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but Erich Meyer observed that mixtures kept at temperatures of 40 C.
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and of limited application. We may conclude however that
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Noguchi test is always present in the earliest stage
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Case 6. A parrot which had shown marked wasting for several
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ravage the tissues And he declared that this was a law of
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twice a week. This is clairaudience. In his Philos
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The four general hospitals for which the Territorial
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grouped as cases of tonsillitis and the two topics more
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time of death was ascertained to be five minutes past five.
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Old horses are subject to deposit of calcareous matter by which the
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with enthusiasm. The results of the cases that have been
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headship due deference being paid to the long existing custom
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purposes by the King of England without extensive alteration that historic
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gical relief. The retroversion of the gravid uterus
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acid of the peach kernel mineral corrosives or irritants and
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the more common do so occasionally especially upon blood
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obtaining letters or money equivalent to letters from patients this
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were weak. If the patient could not be watched con
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physics and medicine he was already practising as a
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to thevesicula seminalis with its ductus excretorius. It seems

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