first suffered from a tuberculous discharge from the eye. The

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ination revealed a fairly recent ulcer of the stomach covered

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pied thanks to the very liberal response accorded to the appeal made

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the pulse rate had been reducd and the circulation im

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continued until her death. The first sign noticed was cyanosis

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the Minister of Health why Ireland was excluded from the

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the patient can be instructed to wash out the sinus

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after the first shock of the concussion but if the symptoms of

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It should be the study of every nurse and every physician

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thchal infiltration. Other authors have described a

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he settled in Leipzig and took up work in the Anatomical


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wholly the power of ergot to bring about a contracted

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IX. Cerebellar Abscess Secondary to Ear Disease illus

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patient recognizes at a certain point is usually the first symptom ex

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of Smellie William Hunter and Andre Levret were in gen

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phlebitis occurred after a laparotomy. Of our 205 cases of

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Tlie remainder of the book treats of subjects which the

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was that the bony walls of the pelvis prevented any

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roof tiling over the lesion vide Fig. 2 will set at rest all

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Table I. Summary of Case Reports of Serous Meningitis in Typhoid

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irritants or what stimuli how acting and how applied supporting his state


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create a great deal of disturbance because they may get into

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resultant local reaction the accuracy of the skin test may be checked.

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cases the autosite can localise the touch. In India in 1783 a

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His scientific contributions to the surgery of the Franco

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The authority to dismiss the classes should rest with

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a serpent they may go now softly now violently and at times

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hoarseness of tuherculous laryngitis. Iy attention has frequently heen

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suffering from retention of urea in the system from renal

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a too rapid dilatation of the cervix the appearance of

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Some invalids required the warmth and shelter of valleys

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The fully discussed in the article on Enterop

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and a proper standard of strength and purity for all

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for the age of ten. we find that these children were

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Titb the ilibrU of hydatids. Sometimes the expectoration is fetid from

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the tubercle bacilli had entirely disappeared from the sputum

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During parturition Si iegelberg thinks the chief danger in all forms

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have been honored with a phice in the Pharmacopo ia is a mystery

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