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the papillary tendons while on the other hand the semi lunar
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By simple cleanliness the affection disappeared in about three weeks.
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great heat pressure and on the approach of night but relieved by warmth
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England Dr. Ainslie Hudson has had to proceed to the
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It seems to me therefore that we are inevitably forced to assume
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rather rapidly one phase developing out of the other. By
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Roseola sometimes simulates measles sometimes scarlatina. No
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In the horse Scapula humerus radius ulna scaphoid radial
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large store of fuel in the body. The very young succumb much more
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Such killing of the dogs seems to be a curious sur
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infants of women suffering from intermittent fever
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pected case careful scrutiny of the whole body surface
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body were found a few petechial hemorrhages. This was exactly
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Being an ex officio member of the university conference and student
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country is generally setting away from alcohol in any form as a
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eian is more dangerous than complete abstention especially in
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coma should not deter a clergyman from w aiting for a time
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sufficient for cases not likely to prove fatal but we should treat all
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panied by essentially characteristic changes in the animal
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learners themselves shall individually be engaged in the necessary experiments mani
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In order to permit of manj examinations at one time we installed an
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Frank and If eber whom experience had taught that tuberculosis
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he presided over the largest of all the war organizations.
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the power to do so. Here the native Gaucho has only to throw
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NicoU. All three were operated on as out patients and nursed at
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constituent fibres of this layer may be seen a delicate
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constantlv sick from disease and external causes in 1911 was 1 734.42
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infected host but this burden is augmented by the food ration
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many of them fatal have occurred. The patients invariably belonged to
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of the foregoing attack constipation indigestible food etc. being

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