staff of the Neurological Institute of New York. In it forty one
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established the course of the disease being usually one of rapid
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cation cathartics and strychnin merely incidental. Botulinus
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of the face throat trunk and extremities become involved in the
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there have been approximately cases of influenza among
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All examinations of blood which have for their object the determina
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trocar and canula should be used and plunged quite through the
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Obst. June has studied cases of ectopic gestation treated in
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per cent. without being killed or losing their power of self multi
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terions the matrix of hair suffers an invasion and the hair drops
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siderable portion of the sternum and adjacent portions of the
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teric and intestinal lymph tissue the spleen and the liver.
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daily on blood medium soon died out. It was observed that while
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secretions generally are much diminished except the sweat which
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quired except to avoid exposure to cold. The dry thyroid powder
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Muscular atrophy and spasms increased reflexes local sweating
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and chest above the second rib anteriorly and the spine of the
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areas. From some of these massive jneunionias only the influenza
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rence. But mostly this is liable to take place after a chill.
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Painters and plumbers are often great sufferers from gout a
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crobes. Painting over the seat of consolidation nightly with con.
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sema of the face and neck to Poupart s ligament were associated
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time. Reasons for the presence of Irritable Heart cases perhaps
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chemical investigation of physiology is still so incomplete that