pass from the care of the oljstetrician when the mother had recovered
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performed. Adhesions were noticed around the appendix which
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There is no discomfort or pain but the action takes place at
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or in the transitional region between the cah x and papilla often in
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by the s inptoms of oxygen lack. Polycythemia first described
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cavity and have to greater or lesser degree immobilized the
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The iodine salts are the best remedies painting the sore with
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connective tissue septa between the fat lobules were somewhat
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and development with a table taken from Rotch and Morris s
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groups Cestoda or Tape worms and Bladder worms Trematoda
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solution of boroglyceride covered over with oiled silk this will
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time without the slightest irritation causes thickening of the
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as rule our main reliance is placed upon internal remedies. In
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tions of extracts of these structures but it cannot be said that any
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jjarticularly chest complications and from these death is especially
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branes periosteum bone and lymphatic glands. The usual
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lowers the temperature in doses of fifteen grains with an hour s
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that in such cases the relative hemoglobin might be normal. Such
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technician or clinical assistant on the spot and hence were not as
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There is this further group of cases Many men who were
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an instantaneous depressant to the weakened nerves which
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Sanitary science has clearly demonstrated that the activity
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Among our best alteratives are comp. saxifraga and Phyto
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tality of. per cent. These results are better than those which he
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zation many of these men had normal cardio ascular response to
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to the subcutaneous tul erculin test. Various factors will interfere
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water free from sodium salts see p. should be encouraged.
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There must in the management of such cases be an entire
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the protruded bowel cannot be propelled onwards and the return
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proportion would hold out in the cases this would mean
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brane. The use of some such remedy in all stages of the disease
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this difference between germs and bacteria as regards the action
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lant to the eighth pair of nerves that supply the liver and is
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complete and all the organs capable of performing their natural
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parts glycerine twenty parts lanoline thirty parts.
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the garden and the farm ought to provide a sufficiency of real
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ing especially of the legs to which the abdomen when ascitic
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were detectable in the lungs. There are many interesting problems
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and experienced men while the Americans because of insufficient

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