It is preposterous in this microbial age to look for anything

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for a few days then fermentation takes place which changes its

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or restlessness we meet with melancholia with or without suicidal

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In the most common form the testicle is the part primarily at

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The illness is further markedly pyrexial the type of fever being

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etc. in those cases aggravated with a dyspeptic element it con

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be left behind and the pancreatic duct be ligatured. Minkowski

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clinically healthy are rare. In the majority of cases it is found that

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subject to operation and will not be considered in detail.

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dation of his own living matter into microbes proof against

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seems to be quite unanswerable as opposed to there being any per

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lymphatics a large portion of the lymph remains in the serous cavities

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ined there are found tube casts usually containing blood corpus

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cate lung structure. From its first dose the microbes are para

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bility or that requires for its satisfactory performance intelligence

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above set forth. It must however be admitted that in the present

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abdomen the child can be detected in the cavity of the abdomen

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accepted and were accepted always without o position for I always

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lead to the formation of sacculations filled with fluid. I have seen

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The reason for this extreme measure has its exi anation in two

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The diet of the mother if not very feeble should for about

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though there are many such illustrations to be found in the literature

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so that the sexual act is not performed naturally and completely.

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centres or by the interference with the metabolism of the nerve

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subcutaneous injection of gr. of nitrate of pilocarpine will

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re iew of charts were admitted to the hospital in the first five

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Bacteriological Findings Left lung blood agar pneumococci

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palpation. A hard glolnilar body was felt just above the perineum

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with the war. It was most striking that in the week following

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Carrel flask for treatment with Dakin s solution and the large tube

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been made both in respect to impoverishment of blood by defect of

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the germ syphilitica has imbedded itself in the follicles of the

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later lymph formation is greatly increased and since the cause of

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the kidney. Here in the presence of adrenin essential functions may

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on weeping surfaces on parts which chafe and on the axillae

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create the suspicion of pneumonia the temperature curve either

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often filled with masses of cells. There is no appreciable increase

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past two years to give an account of its competency that tested it

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rest a few minutes and try again raising the douche higher and

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