Pegomyia socia Tephrochlanys rufiventris Lonehaea vaginalis

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tribe and is found all over Central America. It breeds freely with our

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to utterly worthless articles constituting the soldier s personal equipment

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damaged. In those parts where the greatest destruction of cells has

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so closely resemble renal calculus in their semiology as to perplex the

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nephritis has been observed in which albumin and casts have

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first and in examining him if you run your hand down over the

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motion the report of the committee was unanimously adopted.

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minded Achaians whose high regard for surgerj and the surgeon

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the penis. Gurlt classed these worms as Hcematozoon iubtdatum but Cobbold included

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sue in the same body is deprived of nourishment resultmg in its

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from the simultaneous discoveries in each from the con

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history been followed and the development of a lasting diabetes

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became very hoarse and the next day lost her voice. She

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Joseph who first graced the home of the wine merchant

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excited by extension of inflammation especially from spinal meningitis.

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Clinical Chemistry Service 5 and Microbiology Service for use in a

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logical and psycho physical science in order to empha

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necessary precautions to avoid infection have less to fear than

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method from which any improvement may be hoped for and this in

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trol of Government and there was no interference with the liberty of

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and also the points of contact. The current passing

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and the Maternite. In the evening a soiree was given by

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agitate the solution till eflFervescence ceases. Evaporate the solution in

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us more perfectly acquainted than we hitherto were with the characters

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quarter of an inch so that the whole length was not

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tain directly to aging. One purpose of the work is to help

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are namerons pale yellow are nocturnal and open bnt once by

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the tonsil. The histologic study of tuberculous tonsils

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observation of the increase of malignancy of the epi

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signs of syphilis G6.8 per cent were free from the disease in

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constantly clean and in some place not exposed to the dust as for

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mended for external piles. Improvement of general health. Attention to

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In the lungs there are frequently found hemorrhagic infarctions

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ice. The method of administration is the same as that

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in the camps brought on by house flics. The excreta should

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bears resemblance to a cardiospasm with the dilated esophagus above

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musculature of the abdominal wall was persistently lax as

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Senate make himself famous and amass a fortune. He not only did

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we conclude that though averages may deceive us yet

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less liable to be overlooked it is the least vascular part of

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upon future generationn we must not only eKtablish such hoHpitab as

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sumably m a large number of instances while still in

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other state had displayed the characteristic Greek virtues

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Indian Medical Service. A new Royal Warrant for the Indian

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of seeing the limp and apparently lifeless cold and

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Operationen nach den Methoden von araefe Kluge und Eust

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especially if it is a heavy horse. In cases where you want to

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and sign two copies listing the property to be inspected. Action

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nungsformen entschieden zu den spaten Symptomen der Spirochaete

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former may be enumerated as uneven and fitful appetite disordered

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The alveoli also showed a variety of changes. They were as a

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place about October 5 1907 for the Philippine Islands.

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cated by secondary infection invohing suppuration adenitis abscess

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the Eye Department such an effective article. The Nose and

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