pain even uterine colic. If the impression be severe enough to affect

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Maxwell. Elizabeth 749 West 3d Street Williamsport Pa.

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taching mucous crusts and mucous at the same time maintaining

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This enlargement arose from the presence of a strumous tubercle which at

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of cases of stricture of large caliber with associated

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Treatment 1906 and various brochures in Buck s Reference Handbook

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vegetables so moist as to allow thickening with middlings or corn oats wheats

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nerves were in a sense blocked and that not much more

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still produced the slowing which is characteristic of them. If the ganglia

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lows if blood be dropped into some perfectly bland fluid

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their multiplication. The injection of small quantities of a pure cul

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Do not stare at a sick man nor show a surprised counte

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and confusing medley of clinical experience and labora

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ligent and conscientious men who believe in the propriety of a single

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tants of Eastern Bengal. The goalas pans and kandaites are often

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were mado with good results. The author gives the following

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either by a difference in the health average of the areas

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ten days. The cough frequently persisted much longer

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bronchiolitis. Bronchopneumonia both lower lobes in part organized. Extensive fibrinous

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the pelvic plexus of the sympathetic is almost a straight road.

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distinctly classified has been contested it has been maintained that

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whatever for ascribing special central nervous system qualifi

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sentiment of the profession appeared to be against this at the present

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boy came regularly for treatment. The findings I have made exonerates

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Le Peettx. Seeonde Lettre a M. Bouvart sur les nais

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tion of high frequency currents as a rule gives speedy and

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discharged on July 3d 1SS5. There was some haemorrhage on the night following

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of the work bemg done iu their respective spheres for the

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it presents itself as an affection wholly independent of the pri

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Although the animal showed goitre and a cardiac murmur its want of

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is retouched and has the words Fourth Edition added.

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auspices was felt not only in this country but abroad. The

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below the lesion. If the lesion involves but one half of

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they often drink four milk ftale fmall beel ofi thes

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Symmetry Well proportioned handsomely and stoutly formed.

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flattened the back being studded with a varying number of short thick

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hours the whole thigh swelled and was crepitant. Discoloration of the skin

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move tho toseosttire layer from tho mucous membrane the sense of

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Doctor William Brown says That when the hospital was opened it

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show a swelling and proliferation of the endothelium.

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British army and a little more than half the average

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Ganz anders fiebt das Bild aus welcbes der weitere Often in der

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Ulceration of scrotum 1 hernia testis 1 sinus 1. Excision 2.

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singly or conjointly. 4. Instruction in all elemen

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fray whilst so many strong and robust but devoid of patriotism and

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May arise from organic disease of kidneys bladder prostate gland or

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Si napjsis 1996 represents the excitin nnJ inuniphdnt experiences we haxc all shared.

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after some months of antral suppuration. Headache is most frequently

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quently in the horse and less so in the dog and ox. Severe

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part of the shoulder and less frequently on the extreme ends of the

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National Relief Fund to the first and second groups of

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certained constitute the great protectors of the bacillus icter

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In this case the presence of meningitis sympathica pointed to the

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evidences of retrograde processes suppuration fatty degeneration etc. Eleven

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and carried by the blood or lymph streams give rise to

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made by the patient to the effect that life was not worth

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layer of tubercular material from the peritoneum or other membrane.

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on abruptly and suddenly but in other women it is more

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action as they are all located in exposed positions. In case of

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frequently contain data concerning encephalitis. Papers on meningo

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influences emanating from the earth and he considered

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state the results obtained. With regard to a few points how

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Germany s present efficiency is the proof of which extremity is the

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pelvic work. In nine instances it was opened solely to facilitate location of

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into business a well man so far as his stricture is concerned.

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between the auricle and the ventricle will render neces

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ptumhittg which experience has sanctioned and have it adequate for

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