of chronic catarrhal conditions and when the powers of

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ganisation of both knee joints which had taken place without pain

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ety in this situation is the most malignant of tumors. It

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Scheme in the correspondence columns of the British

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Dr. AittJhon s Appohitmcnl Included iu the Vote for Cabinet

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mitted on an average five days after the onset of the

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The wild rumours of a necessary and severe secondary operation

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for a time and therefore it cannot change or affect

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relieved by treatment. Dr. Clark then inferred that in all probability

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The afternoon session was devoted to the subject of Vesicants especially mustard

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Germanic countries before even the larger towns had in their service

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wards of a general bospitfil. Dr. Harry Campbell London

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and that Bombay O people can safely receive blood only from other

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serve as a competent guide or reference book to the student. It is

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effects are followed by a drowsy state sometimes by quiet sleep and

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concerned September 20 1918. Subject Assignment of field party food and nutri

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mesentery. Unfortunately this larva died shortly after these

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between the lithotomy and the subsequent cancerous growth. Probably

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surface. Purulent inflammation is surface suppuration.

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place in organotherapj. The brilliant results obtained

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symptoms of seasickness are felt. The entire amount

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a Speaker and a Vice Speaker these officers to serve

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rence was undoubtedly fortuitous. Four cases showed the changes of an inter

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salt and nitrogen normally. It is in this group that apoplexy is

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the sweat begins to pour out in large volumes and this should be

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encapsulation. Surgeons have discovered that the formation of

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enchymatous degeneration takes place in the internal

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tion of salicylic acid exceeds 25 centigrammes to the

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round and full affording space for a large udder the whole carcass thus

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of milk of lime and potash alum is recommended against flies.

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men that we have shows distinctly less scar tissue formation.

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case reported by Keen and Mitchell in which packing

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died of their wounds. Besides our wounded go back iu

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of valvular disease or fatty degeneration of the heart etc. or in

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more or less along the alimentary canal. There was also vomiting and

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It is convenient to divide hemorrhages into three classes ac

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ysis but recovered one had nephritis for four months. One had

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Experience with these association tests soon permits one by their aid

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enormous at others entirely wanting. Died November 20th.

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a correct estimate of his physical powers and to collect from thence whether

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finds no ganglion cells in the trunk of the third nerve or its

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sterilized or pasteurized. They are found in all food stuffs in a minute

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of 1768 described by von Baer as the greatest masterpiece of

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during 1920 were checked up to discover possible recurrences.

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an equal or greater number of beats and this condition of the

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and intelligently in syphilitic disease requires I believe modifica

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the latter remedy will induce acne as will bromide.

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noticeable in the following conditions described by Delafond

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pass over them as if something uncanny had been touched

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result of fatigue from electrical stimulation there

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trate prepared as the Acetate by substituting the respective acids also

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directed to the social aspects of the problem. Emphasis

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To put it in another way we may say that all cases of

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ally proved that by sudden tension of the semi lunar valves a

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them in the sun and apply them to any pestilent tumor they

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palate and deflected septum go together in a major

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ieet there was ver mark9d oedema. The chest back and

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radical cure of hernia removal of tumours opening of

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Tlic features of the described clinical disca. se pic

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preposterous claims and that their claims are a wicked swindle.

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ceiving attention nor being carried out as contemplated by para

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especially on the left side where a swelling can be felt

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and rinse in gasoline are effective in destroying active stages but

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an ointment such as an 8 per cent lecithin salve iodine

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ODiy these two kinds of laws general laws and exceptional

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llie glands which give a sensation of cre gt italion on palpation.

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of the cochlear contents had been destroyed by suppuration. The aquseductus

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The acquired traumatic form follows sprain luxation or fracture of the

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during the passage of the Insurance Act to meet to some

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It is insoluble in water but more or less readily dissolved by

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eruptions obviously connected with disordered nutrition such

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acid in separate solutions the gas forming in the stomach

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TrichintE. Most frequently each unilocular cyst only contains one

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child every day for two to six weeks and giving her

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the remaining 56. These latter were regarded largely in

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had oeen abandoned and he had become almost a lunatic I prescribed Nov.

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down. Frequent micturition urine loaded with urates or uric acid. Tenes

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plete and can be traced to the vessels and progressive

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Philippines and it would be most disastrous to the efficiencv of the

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strjchnia and the bitters especially calumba with or without muriatic

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The Jlotpers white one or many with erect or drooping pedicels. Calyx

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accompaniment of albinism and pigmentary retinitis. We often see the

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country in New Jersey and Maryland. It is a brittle solid generally in

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vcuereal disease the available information was too vague.

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a year. The hospital funds not being able to support them

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sclerosis insular sclerosis indicate that the disease they designate

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promissa ipsius exspectamus in quibus justitia habitat. POTT.

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Margaret Anne Wood deposed I am daughter of the deceased