other a primary anannia. In chronie gastritis the history of long standing

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as such at a time when all the world were sharpening their

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Dr. Crombie also had the good fortune to meet with another

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acids and traces of propionic and butyric acids also a

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or in the portion of the wall removed. Further examinations were

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Must rule your States and strike your foes with dread

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sions and localizing lymph barriers than in the umbili

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but in this there is no uniformity. It is remarkable that

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felt which has been attributed to the flapping of the bronchial casts.

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chymatous tissues were recognized. Fatty infiltration in

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liniments even bleeding and leeches give but very small relief. After exert

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perpetuate its existence as a body coporate forever.

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stitute has yet been found for it. There is a very clear and

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sites slowly developed into flagellates in the midgut as soon as the cells

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rations of prolonged croupous or cntarrhnl itiflnminaUon of the lungit

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necessary. We are much alarmed about it especially when considering

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October 19 1915 Patient again entered the hospital for further

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the deutal disease is one and perhaps the only etiological

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into the body other than in the ordinary way bj the month.

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rooted in the common rheumatic vice. A patient does not have

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tissues appeared to be universally present the particular

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diphtheria. All of these contained micrococci and were evidently the

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During years of association at the University of Wisconsin

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place ou the serious situation raised owing to the recent

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patients have lately been brought to my notice and 1

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bodies which have undergone putrefaction for Rieckher obtained

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symptoms that are rarely if ever observed in intus

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injection during the administration of which they did not

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the treatment of such a case we must determine not only

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the surgeon unheeding the younger man s remark an advertise

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overfeeding and massage to take the place of muscular

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more prominent the more rapidly the narrowing is brought

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met by the instillation of atropine but he asserts that

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still in these cases a pathological imitative instinct has also to

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cure white precipitate ointment washings with a solution of

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mass. By contact the pleura also becomes involved so

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destroy the hydrogen bubbles in the nascent state and 3 by electro

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cal young women but in those of men particularly the habitual stomach

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These cases are those in which the total acidity rose rapidly and

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trained in sanitary science ignorant of that knowledge

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loop of the internal carotid ai tery which projected into the

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and the exposure must be extremely short for a longer

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TooKER. In Chicago Illinois on Sunday. November 9th

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that there is a specific germ for puerperal fever but

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Treatment. Neutralize the alkali with any convenient dilute

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