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be diminished absorption of cerebrospinal fluid normal production being

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surroundings is the desideratum in most cases of this disease in its

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poor their digestion troublesome their biliousness frequent and that these

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meshed gauze bandage is then applied without reverses

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constipation still persisting the abdomen was opened on

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may no doubt be beneficial in certain cases of tuberculosis but the digestive

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if in a foreign language aocompanied by an English translation

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consisted partly in great dilatation and crowding of the blood

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were somewhat similarly affected there being disseminated areas

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said to have had a shotlike feel. The intervening lung tissue was boggy.

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more than compensatory for the evil Clearly and de

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finally become encysted in the muscles. In 1875 a disease usu

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cordingly the boy was again anesthetized the incision

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of the deaths of persons over 40 years of age insured

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It is stated that the trypanosome found in Eritrean camels is Try

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county or county borough councils iu England and Wales.

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feeling of stuffiness or obstruction in one nostril.

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case that presented itself for post mortem examination

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the method of inquiry I have ascertained first the monthly

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son 1888 654 includes Axine Microcotyle Aspidogaster Cotylaspis.

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ars devoted Kill be found under llieir respectice headings.

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isolating the patient until the time has passed for the ap

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between germ laden fingers. Practically all of the germs have

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day he will attend stables and successively examine the Horses paving

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being take to cleanse the little wrinkles at the various joints. After gently

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In the more common chronic form which is probably due to a direct

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such dispensary will be for the public benefit a license

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Miller Secretary of tbe Committee of Management Royal

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Public Health Service recently assigned to duty for his service in

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The 3 cases reported furnish material whicli partially eluci

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affected part and such parts usually become hypertrophic.

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note over the lungs was hyperresonant the breath sounds distant and scarcely

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gradual appearance of physical signs of extension of the inflammation in

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was made in the conjunctiva during the instillations. It

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therefore ought not to be employed in the treatment of chlorosis

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inordinate thirst first attracts attention. Very rarely it sets in rapidly

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The lens is affected in syphilis chiefly by extension to

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Scarlet Fevrr. The fatal cases of scarlet fever which had been

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passed assisiant surgeon W. D. Bratton to proceed to Galves

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least learned that it is largely a preventable disease.

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would have to be eliminated in other ways or else remain to poison

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tropic there will appear to be two stars. If the upper right

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includes and extends far above the reversing layers and contains the

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pecially if aggravated by filth and an improper reg

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that the figures in normal pregnancy are practically the same as in the

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thrombosis of the main stem of the portal vein. These necroses when

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time. For advanced cases with cavity formation hectic

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even after steeping for half an hour but become efficient as insecticides

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metastatic formations occur in the lungs liver joints and other parts

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out discharge and yet cause very slight impairment to nasal breathing.

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Committee the use of the office of the Association as a

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what is still a new conception that the relation not only

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improvement is not shown however membrana tympani the fluid escap

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to a fatal termination comes in for adverse criticism

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than five instances. The specimens from these cases

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returned to the hospital for either a chief residency or

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rock. The whole quantity will be dumped into the river.

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attacks of malaria even without combination of quinine. Methy

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the last ten years as obstetrics there is no other specialty

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Mouchez is of the opinion that a return of the tumor is

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of sufferers from chronic leucaemia are in very fair general condition

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