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deficiency of gastric juice which exists in some disordered states of

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neck. Extract of belladonna to neck with linseed poultices. Inhala

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You and I must not take these complaints too seriously. The speakers

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of a sufficient strength to combat living streptococci and

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kidney complications days before the albumin and elinieal symptoms

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Many of the salts of the heavy metals give abundant precipitates with the

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The patient therefore was placed upon the side with

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in the submucosa of the adjacent non ulcerated portions and in

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and Young Lochinvar by the long and short artists with assist

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suffering from this affection have all been natives of Eastern Bengal

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viduals are usually physically and mentally deficient with a tendency to

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Monlpellicr 1181 and Valencia 11B9 and the Italian univomties at

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man perhaps 30 years of age well nourished of healthful ap

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education at Toulouse Montpellier and Paris with a special course

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abstracted with some relief to the patient and without increasing his

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vital actions by small doses of aromatic spirit of ammonia.

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Changes in Sensation. Raynaud stated that pain is almost

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starting and that all public places will soon be so equipped that the

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femoral and iliac circulation thus favoring the prop

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cia. There was an uninterrupted connection from the

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tiasis in its early stages. It occurs between puberty and 45 years of

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cases of men invalided from shell shock were granted either pensions

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