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in depth and width and unless arrested permanently destroy the
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to the precise nature of the blood changes to which the haemorrhages
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serum therapy though attempted occasionally subcutaneously
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and crackling can be detected on manipulation. There is much
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consequence of this obstruction too the organ commonly be
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The cases of acute phosphorus poisoning are usually accidental or
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maine. So prevalent and fatal are those cases becoming that
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of the pneinnonia as given below in the summary of the autopsies
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vomiting hiccough and marked weakness and acceleration of the
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symptoms that no phj sician can afford not to utilize it to the
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general anasarca. The wet brain of chronic alcoholism so often
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and consists in a deposit in jthe form of the minutest sepia colored
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ing them. It may be given when fits of laryngismus are frequent.
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system. In of the remaining cases lumbar puncture was done on
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Ulcers in the rectum are usually classified according to their
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have written upon neurasthenia as cardiac neurasthenia. And
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state of the genital organs. Seminal incontinence is usually ac
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they may become irregular in shape and attain the diameter of
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History and Literature. Osier in a clinical lecture on the
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single dog will fill a dozen of these little tubes when charged
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acterized by the following triad of symptoms attacks of diplopia
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tincture matricaria to stimulate the stomach improve the appe
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chest were dulness with diminished respiratory murmur over both
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tributed throughout the entire connective tissue of the gland or
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a period in which the patient has been weak feeble and feverish
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ments are stretched or perhaps a little lacerated but in the
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lation ill drained or damp houses. No tubercular mother should
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of the body a tendency to destructive and progressive ulcera
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is a salient example but clearly in these instances the vessel walls
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throughout free from inflammation. It should be added that
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once during the night there was no history of swelling of the feet
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diabetes it also diminishes the quantity of sugar eliminated.
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Anatomical characters of senility. The special structural
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splenitis was present and the organ was almost completely adherent
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cines were given by the stomach. Some medicines when applied
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safe. laryngeal phthisis it may be used by a vaporizer with

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