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at the special training battalion maintained for orthopedic cases at
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of treatment is at once suggested. The cause of the disease
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cases the jnestion of cost still resents certain debatable features
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delivery when its progress is arrested by certain malpositions of
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interaction of a nucleo proteid prothrombin with the soluble lime salts
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leukocytic reaction was subsequently present. In others in which
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lung cultures yielded a Gram positive bile insoluble non hemo
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elimination by the bronchial mucous membrane the skin be
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poultices composed of equal par lt s of flaxseed meal pulverized
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stance of the lung into stages i. effusion of tubercle.
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Allbutt Sir James Mackenzie and Sir William Osier was appointed.
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Occurring during the Present Epidemic Lancet cxcv .
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compounds known as guaiacine pyroguaiacine and hydride of
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ought to say their natures. In a goodly number of instances

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