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patients various impressions are received as to the results obtained.

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should be amended and a proper anatomicopathological designation

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only sees more cases in a year than any individual surgeon of equal

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The nature of the clot is most variable the coagulated fibrine

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papillary muscles as well as by the dilatation of the ventricular

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long axis in the course of the nerve darting lancinating pains

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There is a striking similarity in the clinical phenomena of the two

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ifor use is one part of powdered jalap two paits bitartrate

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relationship that exists throughout life between the two processes

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and imequal reflexes. His condition did not improve and on October

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to su plement the other. The diseases due to faulty diets such as

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The diet should be very varied nutritious and consist as

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examination of the blood and especially of stained blood films is of

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invaded by the growth the splenic tissue shows no notewortlu

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temperament in the treatment of disease and find that those who

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obesity suggests their separation into those which may be presumed

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Heredity. That cancer tends to appear in several members of a

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the excitement and nervousness. Sometimes acute mania develops

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it induces a considerable amendment in the functional manifesta

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though the subsequent course of the cases proved that the syphilis

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blood as is especially seen in the scorbutic diseases and in rickets

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disturbances or abnormalities in skeletal development and growth.

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be also observed more or less synchronous with the cardio respiratory

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great as to constitute a hydrocele. On the other hand a true

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Besides the presence of disease germs with their alkaloids

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gastro intestinal symj t ins in ellagra all ord a specific illustration.

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zetnatous u cer and many others. These names are little better

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Ozone water which is simply negative oxygen is one of our

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chair with a back and prop her up well with pillows so that

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clusive the radiograi lis show more or less peribronchial infiltration.

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the cases. In addition a certain number showed a definite coryza

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state of the genital organs. Seminal incontinence is usually ac

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treatment favor the hypothesis put forward. It is good practice

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plasm thus retrogressing or sterilizing the bacilli.

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view to improve a weak digestion. The conditions of the teeth

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Symptonis caused by Ascarides. Although many symptoms

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cases the presence of tubercle elsewhere may be wanting as the

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rub and pulse rate out of relative proportion to the fever. The

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Dr. Shozaburo Otabe Assistant Medical Officer Kensington

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ought to be an invariable rule. Supposing however that some

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renal disease and alterations in the composition of the urine are

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known practical import and is seldom of any clinical prominence.

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