examinations were made in the standard position with the screen the
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and repeated physical and sputum examinations are essential.
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ments in rather a circuitous but yet cogent way and which
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aspiration was done slowly with a Potain apparatus and unless the
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Treatment. Improvement of the general health is the first
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terrupted and immediate contact with the germs destroys them
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worse. In yet other cases and these usually the ones of moderate
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exudate into the aheohir spaces the tissues escape marked injury
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named much pigtnent which from its reaction to sulphide of
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The condition to which this term is applied is perhaps typically
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scattered dry rales were discerned on the right side over the third
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menopause and with varying symptoms of neurosis It speedily
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peristalsis was restored with free action of the bowels and expulsion
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Pleural Exudate In cases all lol ar pneumonia there was
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very large. A small amount of abdominal fluid was j resent. The
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that glandular iuAolvement is likely to take place or has already
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among civilized people will not stand good. The proportionate
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in tlie hospital in Xo ember for the vomiting of blood and
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from his cases that clinical symptoms could not be relied upon for
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Roentgen Dl gnosis of Diseases of the Head. By Dr. Arthur
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Virginia Stone Crop range of action and can be used
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taminated and revealed among other bacteria a colony of Gram
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legs and thighs. As it progresses patient s movements become
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There are many points of technic still to be worked out regarding
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circulating in the blood plasma have a much more potent effect when
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mately So per cent of cases of trench fever recovered promptly
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ary diseases such as phthisis dependent on mal nutrition and a
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will permit the average numl er of treatments required l eing three.
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that these germs are most numerous close by and in sewers
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cjuently seen after complete ablation of the thyroid in man.
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out from the wasted arm is characteristic and if the patient with
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This distinction of race comes home to us most strikingly in
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occur subcutaneously or in any of the deep seated tissues or organs
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