the joint capsule. The periarticular tissues undergo considerable
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of these strains isolated were typed one was Type C and the other
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in that the nucleus of the transitional forms assume a horseshoe
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Internal Examination. A thin layer of subcutaneous fat is present.
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welfare of the patient that the practitioner should be guarded
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cinoma to radiation with mesothorium or radium and in the three to
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Urine. The urine sliowed the ordinary ty ie of febrile lu ine
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there was a sudden and unexpected change. It was no longer a
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that so well as a good hot bath and an effectual rubbing with
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and in to dilution not higher than this in some cases not
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men it stimulates the uterus to contraction and thus prevents
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physiological and therapeutical effects it is impossible to maintain
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These media as well as all apparatus with which either the mi
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If the oil dropped on sugar and administered excites any heart
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neutralizing ptomaines. It may be given along with sweet spirits
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pelvis the freedom of the renal parenchyma except for a few miliary
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generally useful medicine I find is carbonate of magnesia and
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with the virus initial sclerosis exanthem and gumma. Ophthal
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administered. A hypodermic injection of either caffeine or ether
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especially with respect to the patient s strength and general condi
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pelvic viscera and when used adds undoubted tone to the urinary
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mouth and sinuses into the cranial cavity has gradually lost sup ort
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lymphatic leukeemia nor the appearance in the blood of the large
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The early and often indiscreet use of ergot is most disastrous
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of anomalies and pathological conditions of the skull and cranial
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after a diagnostic hnubar puncture was performed indicates that
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tendencies at the present time. Among these he especially drawls
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spersed with fusiform or olfactory cells whilst the lower half
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order of these numbers. An effort is made to keep the patients
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fibres quite unchanged. The similarity of these structural alterations
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dense and encysted tumors and other deformities that may be
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does not interfere with the digestive organs and may be given
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and their development is frequently ascribed to local irritation
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tible. The uterus can be mapped out fluctuating rounded and
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Ely and others state that Our findings failed to show that it
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therefore will only add that the remote ones are f two kinds
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extent or seriousness of the pathological process present.
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destructive effect upon the vessel walls is highly probable whilst the
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developed a relapse. A little pallor a little cardiac palpitation
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case of diabetes. The association of convulsions with the coma
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vulva orifice of the urethra or on the internal labia these papil
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devoid of segmentation. They adhere to their hosts by one or two or

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