basing himself upon his official report he was able to write

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hair of winter coming off in April and May or sometimes earlier

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observed but six days after the operation gangrene reappeared and

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which mark commencement of insanity. Great mental excitement or de

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Some investigators have given significance to the presence

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ipheral arteries. The blood pressure was only slightly elevated.

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Acute Traumatic Endocarditis. The case just reported is

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just about the same proportions of available nutri

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is now well although there is still a noticeable re

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On her second api gt earance four days later she said that she

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all the prostatic muscle is developed from the circular urethral

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made at some distance from the tuberculous lesions the

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On the 3rd November the sutures were removed union was

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ture will all serve in the diagnosis. In some cases the constitutional

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been discovered. It may last from a few months to several years.

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ticularly in those animals which have been let out early to pasture

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tall. Chang the Chinese Qiant whose smiling face is familiar to nearly

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with vomiting bringing up a dark bilious fluid. His powers were

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approaches most nearly to the standard type but even here the

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risen to a maximum about 1875 and then declined the process following the

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do with the genital function. There was found no fatty degeneration of the

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avoid touching their surfaces with the fingers and always hold them

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monia a member of the proteus group which was pathogenetic to mice

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with the degree of doctor of p hysic. It would not be

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more than probable that owing to the improved conditions of work in

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began using it in grain doses with one twelfth of a J

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rect that infantile convulsions depend largely for their development

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injected by their bleached appearance. To obtain complete anaes

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hairs and the epidermic products and crusts from the suspected patches.

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of the eyes. One of the children had also imperforate anus for

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and alimentary canal were removed from the foetuses the

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tonics are rarely indicated Avhere moderate doses do not effect the desired

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deteriorated that every gust of wind that blows produces

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wells and to keep these clean and in good repair and it

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down to the vulvar orifice. When this stage is completed the vaginal

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taken by several of the larger boroughs in Scotland to the

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