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nary embolism 2 from hemorrhage. Perineal tears were closed with silk

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altering dimensions 3 because of the contents of the

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wise perfectly healthy there was some little vascularity in the neighbourhood

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curvature begins at the pylorus it too is invisible even

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and for facilitating the fixing of uniform or suit

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ineradicable in some minds that its manifestations pro

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occasion upon which this subject had been discussed by

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minutes at other times an hour or two generally terminating with gaseous

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and medullary tumours in obstinate neuralgia of the

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vinegar in the proportion of one ounce of camphor to eight ounca

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cially by climbing stairs or other ascents. It is frequently reflex pass

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Pennsylvania out of Philadelphia and then either via Harris

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went into politics and became a United States Minister abroad. In


commercial advantages without a struggle. In 1882 Dr.

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up the literature on the subject of the surgical treatment

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certainty as to what the result may be. The patient may

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lateral thickening which often gives the appearance of thickened bands

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both antigens. The Widal reaction was positive up to 1 to 40 and

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regards secretion of bile without dcvelopmeut of the

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complement and consequently inhibits hsemolysis. In forensic practice a human

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aving proved much more severe than the former similar affection.

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and inwards so as to expose the peronei tendons and the tendo Achillis.

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vate practice without the loss of too much time and

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ties in childhood must be my excuse for thus writing to you in

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established here the true relation of things is however no mean

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passed carefully up to the sigmoid flexure and about eight ounces of

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deposit several thousand eggs which will rapidly hatch during the

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other is evidenced by some abnormal or psychic charac

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distinguished from bacteria or microorganisms has been introduced

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Tenderness over the small and large gut was noted in 64 cases

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muscles of the body lasting for a few seconds. Several

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of the blood readily occurs at the part wounded which is thus

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Mr. Robert BrudeneU Carter was elected Professor of Surgery and Pathology.

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to 50 millions 75 millions were without results. A third dose

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by assuming the erect position is greater than it is under normal conditions.

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destruction of larvae and the use of quinine was first undertaken

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logical physiology and its copious bibliography makes the litera

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