inspected before leaving and its inspection is continuous to the

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all combined with an amount of exertion that cannot be

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and heaviness in the lower jiart of the abdomen and

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both arms broken but did well at least until he passed out

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cases during 1917 and 1918 occurred among the troops serving on

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this sort the results obtained in the other experiments

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iunction of the llanjie and cylinder. Its cylinder is 5 cm. long

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cym and mixed with oxalate plasma should not coagulate at least

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of epithelial cells with large deeply staining nuclei and

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to give atropine in sufficient dosage and proceed to inducn

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generally called scurf and the second is named dandruff.

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age of puberty has been repeatedly mentioned as producing

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Fig 4716 Primary Mixed Tumor sarcoma and carcinoma of the

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illustrations the authors taking it for granted that the

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have become sufficiently established trophic ulcers and sequestra may

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dose of ergot or mix vomica and if operative interference were neces

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inherited by the children of the aged of drunkartls of those ener

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failed with the onset of the acute illness the bowels were regular. There

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ciples herein set forth might be further amplified particulaily

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stimulation and there are conflicting reports of such phenomena

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by dilating the vessels as just described. A number of sub

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no apparent benefit. The advisability of giving this

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February on the day following the Cever greatly increased on the morning of

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day the inoculated animals should be placed upon highly infected and

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certainly by no means confined to Bright s disease and it

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tinued in the hospital and taken up on July 1 1921 as beneficiaries

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functions but it is suggested that each of the three

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though their lungs be less the like inflation is observable in

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will and in a few cases sanatorium treatment was necessary for

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in the darkest days of misfortune and disaster they cleaved to their

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America is undoubtedly indebted for her wild or feral horses which

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more readily therefore the artery itself may be submitted to

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plement nutrition. Tuberculin is the single remedy that has

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ij. The Mode of Spread and the Prevention of Plague in

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nous verrons grand changement dans les all aires ce ne pent

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stances which enter into the composition of liniments are

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An accumulation of serum in the subcutaneous connective tissue in

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soap and water then bichloride 1 2000 again in sterilized water and

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monary circulation soon succeed when the progress of ulceration

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by Professor Hkarnshaw is a volume of lectures by various

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unsuspected source of inflammation and even of death.

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nics including such subjects as electrochemistry and electro

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properties and powers comes not by revelation but by ob

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wards. But at the operation he emphasized the gravity of the condition

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there is some ground for hesitation in those cases of

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