artery at its bifurcation into middle and anterior cerebral was obstructed
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other fibers appear intact. Durck has demonstrated tyrolysis
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stead of soothing the insane or the confirmed drunkard it
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is no evidfflioe that the spleen has an influence on metabolism.
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Nevertheless this must for all time to come be the chief point of
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largely developed by Americans. On the technical side the hand maUet
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a painful condition and a trying one and only Nature s methods
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tention. Then fhe converfed aloud with imaginary perfons with her
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understandings which will complement any actions taken
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The medium is unchanged but liquefaction begins after 48
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believed did not compel abandonment of former views
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colon into the pelvis tilling Douglas s anterior cul lt le
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too thoroughgoing sincerity. It is undoubtedly true
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Banquets or Symposia were very frequent in ancient Greece. The Banquet
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cous accumulation around the margin of the anus the a gt petite
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reappear from time to time but in some cases such as insanity
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clinic. He believes it to be a specific in almost all forms of
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Second. In conducting an expedition into the interior for the pur
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bear upon it during efforts to evacuate the bladder
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pa illary warts and from acne. Local treatment consisting of incision
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is free from relapse until the heel strikes the ground
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hydrate cures is to give the carbohydrates in small
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more than any other tissue in the body. As remarked by Foster a
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rats Subclimcal infections can be activated to complicate experimentally induced
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treachers by spherical predominance drunkards liars and adulterers
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the Council that a general practitioner was wished for as a representa
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using it now but in this period my number of bathed
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ience attending the disease relief being frequently sought for cosmetic
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The College is greatly indebted to Dr. Francis R. Packard
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tion and vaccination fees. Election on the 14th instant.

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