eral anesthesia is often indicated. Revue Medicate de la
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or physical properties. The solution of this problem presents
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the improvement was o far permanent and on Jan. th or over
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parasites stained exactly like unaffected fibers near by. The life of the
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tion of that so prevalent so interesting and still so little un
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Michaelis Ueber die Wirkung des erhohten und verminderten Lufi
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limbs or orthopedic instruments or trusses are pre
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Professor C. B. Parker followed with an address in which he dwelt
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If broiling an older fowl it must be partially cooked first either by
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matory symptoms in numerous instances constitute the first
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ment her recovery this time was as satisfactory as in the first
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of Agriculture and transferred to Raltimore a jrear later. In
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lant and antiseptic. The mineral acids closely resemble each
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Branches of this arterr are occluded bv infectire in
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lars refer to Spaying Part V. It is sometimes given for
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country in favour of the efforts which have been made by the College
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e. Treamrer The treasurer shall be responsible for all receipts and
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Inspector of Anatomy for Ireland with considerable tact and
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and the physician might oftentimes be almost certain. There
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a valuable antidote but the natives have little faith in the practice of
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did the boy find himself at the school in Paris than an
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communications to the sections can be sent during the ensuing
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expressing their views by saying that although we feel that we
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disease arrested developments supra involution etc. of the uterus or
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tem by the removal of the last named organs. These latter changes
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body while the dissection itself was being made by a
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the communications of Mr. Watt Dr. Henry and still T
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The Surgeon General of the Army has decided not to take any women

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