in the hippocampus in the horse they are very small and usually

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must be explained or shown to be erroneous otherwise it is fatal to

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right as were kidneys only signs were of an obstructed portal

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menstruation in the human female. From an examination of the uteri of

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With this temperance reaching to all things we are en

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better than any bureaucracy in London could do. They

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but they are efficacious. He uses the injection method

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ished for honger the scarcity of bread was so great.

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plimentary nuclei are present one of which constitutes what is termed

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attended as usual in about seven weeks I again visited him

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until thoroughly disintegrated a half litre of but

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ond and third. In both cases the head was obtained.

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cannula method was undoubtedly a so called water reaction

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of the leg which fail to heal under the above methods of

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the cercarise. The cercariee swim about in water and

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note over the lungs was hyperresonant the breath sounds distant and scarcely

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turl gt inated bones polyps and tumors syphilis tuberculosis and foreign

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Contracts including the statute of frauds domestic relations torts

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upper lobe are large cavities with trabecular running across them. In

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Salts of Copper Vomiting to be encouraged by warm water.

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Effects twofold Either to contract and narrow the orifice and so obstruct

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appearance of the can would indicate the unsound con

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he might have been confirmed in the discovery and assuredly

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conclusion therefrom thai l r. S i no le is and has been

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circumstances. Humboldt considers all those trees with hairy and

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improving he pursued his journey to England and soon after his

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pathological conditions deviations from the normal build of the

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Dr. James McLurg of Sault Ste. Marie has been appointed associate

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Table No. 7. Discharges for disability year 1914 United S tales continent exdudinm

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pruritus vulvae he failed to hypnotize the patient for sixty seven

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however in both acute and chronic disorders the digestive tract is so

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If the resection is to be made as a primary or sec

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acidulated with Sulphuric Acid mix and strain the liquors and evapo

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corrosive sublimate but lie nefers one less irritating than the latter.

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the most part of local origin whether homologous or heterolo

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divisions are divided at the foramen rotundum and ovale and the

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Hutchison recorded the fact that he had never met with a

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Inoculation experiments were tried but all gave negative

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should not be suspected until ajter the children have had proper hygienic

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tution would ha e shown serologic signs of nervous tissue involve

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to the corresponding problems and methods of celestial mechanics.

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membrane to the rest of the throat beyond the tonsils

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Compression of the tumour the application of unguents bleeding in

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ing of the contractile substance and by the ultimate replacement of this

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air by the posture of the patient. In order to secure

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Infection is as liable to occur after slight as after severe injuries

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and his utterances on the value of trutlifulness iu the

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By his experiments he first confirmed the fact that healthy

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erabh in February only to l e slightly increased in March when

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Egyptians Assyrians and Jews were in the habit of employing

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or incipient putrefaction were likewise termed suggilla

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hemorrhage Avas followed by the most marked effects her belly became soft

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non. Verily disease is ignorance and intelligence its

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of all ordinary remedies the immediate effect of bloodletting touches

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Marine Corps and the average duration of the treat

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Heterodon puffing adder hognosed viper. A harmless and

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Feelings of numbness formication deadness tingling and pins and needles

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packages each having three threads amply wrapped in sterile

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long as there are individuals capable after a general train

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should be directed to allow stn interval of at least three minutes to

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new complications before we might otherwise be able

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coaine creosote sulphenol were new remedies to day they are already indis

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received on October 3rd. Amongst the first contingent

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labours here were warmly appreciated and that he was not merely

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from Farrah to attempt to form a government. Most of the troops

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motion as enlisting the support of the profession he

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scraping every night and without scraping every morn

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Dr. Southey in his valuable Lumleian Lectures on Bright s Disease

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halecina Salamandramaculata S. Ambly8toma rubra S.salmonea young

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uselessness of many of the lectures which on compulsion I did

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rates OxaUc Acid. He has found the solution of the protonitrate as

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Tuberculosis Kcsoarch. It is reported that a large sum

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the bile ducts have always their anterior extremity turned towards the

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