minuria and the state of the kidneys by which this condition is brought
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and his own centrifugal method giving both volumetric
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born American who contracted leprosy either in California or Nevada.
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medical and surgical disorders but those of the ete skin
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right hypochrondrium. During the winter of 1892 1893 the attacks
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possible to name institutions in which the relative amount of time
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was chiefly confined to the skin of front of the chest
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operation. The patient ia kept.quiet in bed four or five days opium
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ity of these elements combined. We have seen comparatively
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Thereafter medical officers one or more were assigned to almost every
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the prevalence and prevention of typhoid fever among young soldiers
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simultaneously. The face was pale pupils not noted.
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tbat tbe A x mowers daces eootpfpjmg tbe bee ftps qruk
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taining pits and sinuses which afforded excellent places for the lodgment of
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age is gradually tightened and that too without causing any
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first recognized only in labor. It is a further fact
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ing cas s have been published by Dr. Goolden in which head
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particularly those of surgery and obstetrics which were the cause of
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even faster than before the operation and in process of time the
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diminishes with the increasing gravity of the hemorrhage and
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around him a filariated individual is doubly so for
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arm and leg are still paralyzed to a certain extent.
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spheres which do not usually cause lesion of the optic
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himself a whole medical center and Sir William Osier furnished the
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clearly defined cause than general weakness a small pillow placed
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alterations in the physiology of pathological organs were enlarged
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of mucous lining of hepatic ducts. Steatomatous contents composed of
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State but they are geoerally succeeded by languor debility
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thighs and trunk of the body are immersed to the waistline. The
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because I was not then nor subsequently a pension seeking patriot.
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were made to determine the effect upon cattle of these bacilli.
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granular appearance of fauces. Mucous follicles seem to be filled
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microscopically a strongly albuminous or partially adipose
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ments of the intact soft palate have been seen on stimulation of
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Though no other long bone exhibits the slightest appearance of
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of suppurative otitis are in general those of the primary or genuine
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an irregular character varying from a slight rise to 103 F. or
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those previouslv purchased have been obtained and in tlie main
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Friendly Society was held at 429 Strand on June 19th
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of these relatively large amounts is uncertain. Pre
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to reimburse the loss which the companies may incur.
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tunes or 51.3 per cent. Paul Naegli and Schnitter hold that with
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a modified type and differs in certain respects from
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of the cars this can be remedied only by the provision of
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language is peculiarly well adapted aud iu this respect the
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is similar to the anesthetics and hypnotics of the fatty
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and so on. In all of the cases there was induced com
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serve as buffer substances. There has been some controversy as to which
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unanimity as to the main facts. We only adduce here the lat
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and present addresses of the officers of their respective gradu
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iliac fossa. Cajcum 8 inches of ileum and portion of ascending colon excised.
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Diarrhoea may be taken as a rough index to the sani
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lected cases there appeared to be a possibility of con
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this date a striking commentary on how the careful clinical ex
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a displacement of the osseous extremities either merely a simple vicious
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The board of directors and the board of surgeons of the
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to which he has devoted his life is worthy the devotion. He insensibly
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of text. However only one volume of Gray s part appeared although
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sake of having a culture that will provide for every sort of mind

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