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Certain it is however that they are of more recent date than the
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observed a swelling in the abdomen above the nmbilicus. In
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dyspnea i ersisted unchanged and the strength again graihially
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analyzed according to the occurrence of metastases in ectodermal
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litmus red. When inoculated into white mice and guinea pigs the
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Deformities arising from bending of the shafts of the long bones
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namely the hccmorrhagic diathesis and families the members of
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alcoholic by the mouth or ether or brandy subcutaneously.
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gestion regulate the bowels promote a healthy appetite dispel
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and in children the males suffer as much if not more than the
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Strophanthus. equatorial Africa. It produces pods or fol
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blue color and contain from two to four spores. They are never
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but in some cases it atrophies subsequently. l ow muttering
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Simple Ulcer or an excoriation or erosion of the lips of the
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intestinal tract. Up to the time of commencing the antitoxin treat
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is restless under them first hot then cold and not infrequently
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changes have been accompanied by pulmonary tuberculosis and
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tonitis suppurative diffuse acute pleuritis fibrinopurulent early
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manual a complete guide to the practitioner who wishes to understand and
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Account of an Epidemic of Influenza Among American Troops in England.
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and syringomyelia and the chronic myalgias and neuralgias with
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capable of transmission to sound persons by close contact or by
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average of. per cent. The soap percentage of total fat was very
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stimulated to increased growth by a small quantity of the poison

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