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For internal administration. Menthol one drachm three

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been held that such overgrowths are due to embryonic remnants

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osteo arthropathy are noted. This occurs more frequently in

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colds catarrh pneumonia and many other states of vital deteriora

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is however nothing diagnostic and generally the presence of a

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difficulties are experienced. The nervousness and trembling the

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remember that time modifies favourably or unfavourably the rate of

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iodine or any other good antiseptic like the peroxide of

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necrosis or breaking down in the direction of the renal pelvis with

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fat infiltrated among the tissue elements or surrounding and im

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from the clinical side that the pathology of the disease as seen at

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this condition generally begins in the knees and wrists which may

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rise to an arrest of development or growth of the posterior

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stools and. in the acid stools. The values were higher than those

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colon with end to end anastomosis and an attempt at restoration of the

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diarrhoea with severe colicky pain sometimes so aggravated as to

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Yankauer who gave the following report Right bronchus is

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as a possible cause of cardiac weakness and sudden death in cases

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onset of infectious diseases are i Hygiene which renders

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cases are however exceptional the reduction in red corpuscles

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of tubercle bacilli especially because of their close resemblance

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Various maladies give rise to roseola the most important of

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strong purgatives is not to be recommended considering the

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day. Grossly the exudate of the cases studied varied in amount

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perforation of tissue by a mechanical irritant or obstruction as a

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If there is a rupture and danger of strangulation and the

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attention that it should have and the c.ises are recognized the

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em liasized that while the Wassermann reaction frequently becomes

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this urine for albumen which if present must be taken out

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maldescended testis with which there is associated a marked atrophy

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tases is instructive and suggestive. It is not impossible that at least

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I am identified neurology which of course I use to include disorder

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the joints chilliness indigestion. There is increased irritability

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A bactericide of great power used with great success in all

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these patients improvement later occin s progresses in ariable

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the outer surface of the genio hyoglossus muscle or it may be

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The average dose is a teaspoonful every three hours.

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glands. They are slowly developed in the interior of the canal

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the case. The first convalescent case studied had twenty tw o days

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