and a symptom too of very varying significance for sometimes

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ploys naphthol in a ten per cent. alcoholic solution or in the form

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membranes often doubtless superadded to scurvy owing to the

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plication a considerable advantage over the host. The local destruc

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cells with areas of marked fibrous tissue formation. In the

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ixtvW with the ricluK ss or io erty of lym hHtic supply. Before

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scopic appearance it will be necessary to resort to guinea pig inocu

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the emphysema was found to extend downward along the course of

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cases the resulting changes consist in a distinct substitution of the cell

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culosis of the bronchial glands general miliary tuberculosis or

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worm may lead to abscesses varicose lymphatics elephantiasis and

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that are known to follow the administration of thyroid extract in

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conunon cause of inertia in a patient otherwise well and strong whereas

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coagulation time of the blood. Of the remaining cases without

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admitted field and patients should be strictly guarded lest the drug be

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nary treatment is harmful. It is interesting to note what happens in

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the universe. They also overcome the condition of sterility

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capillaries or lymph spaces of the pulmonary tissue. This is the

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internal secretion others like the pancreas and the liver have an

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great efficacy aromatic sulphuric acid one ounce water six

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rate to that quantity with constant stirring. Then remove from

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time of the epidemic. Sherman s No. mixed vaccine was used in

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day is a good remedy for chronic malarial poisoning where

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The LYMPHATIC GLANDS are affected with a hyperplastic process

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per cent. and pneumococci in per cent. They also make the

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the way for repair after an irritant has produced degenerative or even

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The need of certain elements for structural purposes in the l ody

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fies the nervous system reflexly that the tubercular diathesis is

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in the line of action of the masticating muscles. The late Sir George

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district. And of the remainder these considerations apply to a

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throughout free from inflammation. It should be added that

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chorion or outside covering furnishes a means of communication

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contagious and infectious in the true sense of the term.

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and arrived in England on October with scarcely more than a

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glasses for the purpose. But if the squint be of long standing

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delicate structures of the internal ear so that tinnitus and deafness

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pleura. The time elapsing after the mother s death before the birth

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through cerebral or meningeal hsemorrhage convulsions and coma

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least cubic feet of well ventilated space. In all works on

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Usually there was no pleurisy in these cases. If present it was

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dyspepsia and of gouty catarrhal affections of the respiratory organs.

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cardiovascular defective. These are symptoms from which many

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phase of the subject are briefly discussed. Neither can it be claimed

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