while the student of the horse will find great benefit from its
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attacks of diarrhea with colic. There were no bladder
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the nervous symptoms may linger and delay convalescence or complica
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impossibility. Keforra must begin in the schools and the state
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that by its iTse the disintegration of the albumen in the system is
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Do not forcibly remove the membranes. Affected animals
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eral of his friends that he fell much into the favour
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lent diet may be given as substitute. Bran mashes and hay cut
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but might also do something towards advancing that knowledge. The
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Provinces of Nigeria over a period of six years. It was found that
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sponding points by openings similar to those observed in the first
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than they possessed for the profession would rise as this knowledge
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greater part of the profession coincided with Dr. Billing
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comes so severe that patient s face becomes covered
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stand. The will is hampered in its action by the defect of
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comparative anatomy must play in the to me wonderfully enticing
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count. Her leucocytes as I recall are about 9 500 which elevation she
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skill in their treatment than uraemia. Since it has been proven that
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This seems correct in many cases and Moussu has seen ulcerative
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thoroughly up to date sufficiently full for all practical purposes yet not
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Defects of Sight their nature causes prevention and general
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McConnell Dr. Guthrie 2601 Hamsphire Road Cleveland Ohio
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Mr. Goldstein. I think obviously over a period of time you have
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In smallpox the motor energy must be equal to the force
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so potent for good or evil medical advice on the point should be
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views. But the context is unmistakable. The few verses regard
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few months. The virus by which vaccinia was permanently
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maintained by a flexure of the knees with consequent
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sia is merely the effect of a more pronounced toxic action
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Diseases. American Journal of Insanity January 1900.
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joint is invaded. In long standing cases the wall is thrust out
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of the bladder. When the incision was made over the
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Symptoms. The most prominent symptom is a feeling of uneasiness
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terior vaginal sulci. If this injury is neglected it is
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milk. The addition of soups legumes wine etc. to its
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An accumulation of serum in the subcutaneous connective tissue in
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to the excesses of sufl ering so long as life supported him in
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therefore not disposed to return after Ipeing chased
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very antiquated and others are quite modern and lauded by the highest
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pital Roxborough Surgeon to the Dispensary of the Epis
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deaths having occurred after intervals of from 10 to 15 days.
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patients and the mentally ill a new facility permitted
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The patient has been married 23 years and has had six children
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a usually largest llic dilatation gradually docreaaos as wvgoi
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Denn auch ich ja verftoi e der Seelen fo viele zum Hades
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of the croup from one coxo femoral articulation to the other. From tho
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tion it is not sufficient that we secure a frequent renewal of
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mentary dose. Nevertheless in order to determine how near this was
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matters are discussed from the side of individual and
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functions. The organic changes remain just the same no matter
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It appears also that if the cows were immunized to the micro
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ind with it incises the enlargement sending the blade right through
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Six hours crving three hours later blood peranum and severe
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of the long palaeolithic age before the earliest tombs announce the
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regards secretion of bile without dcvelopmeut of the
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In children we often do not know a cause for a heart
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not so high. It is rare to find a Mare whirhZcfif P
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may be confirmed in any pathological museum. It is indeed to the
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but.will confine our remarks to treatment and special points bearing
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unnecessarilv but only in response to an urgent indication. Such an
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the physiographer seeks the companionship and counsel of both the
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Schweigger of Berlin a 5 has removed the lens fifteen times
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Treatment. The hygienic and dietetic treatment is the
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JW pouters be receiueotmtb meft pjcfperousfuccefTe beting
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occur in most of the cases of general paresis dying during con
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children no miscarriages. About six months ago noticed general en
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this metliod gives the surface area of scar considered necessary by

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