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One bacterium produces only one spore which in turn produces

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remittent and autumnal fever all of which are now in use and mucous

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delicate beautiful and rich. But all this while there should

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for the intestinal secretion. At the head of these stands acetate

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sciousness during this state may be perceived subconsciously.

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tight board fence extending from the school house at


retinal pigment layer the area has a thickness of 240 u the

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to deduce that speaking broadly the disease prevalence varies

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deen daily during the week of the Annual Meetina at the

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State the difference between parturient eclampsia and parturient

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monster according to the fission theory arises from a double incom

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These are the limits prescribed by the ophthalmological department

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convenient excuse and it is too common to see a diag

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conceived also that the impediment to deglutition lay thereabouts

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tion of the inverted stump consists of a mass of cartilage frag

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head is lessened by the compression of the forceps the

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this case made a typical resection of the entire upper jaw. We

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Militia Affairs and the names of such officers will be furnished to the

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sideration and a small selection from the literature is also

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further apparent cause and finally where frequent angina

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TREATMENT. Removal of cause examination of urethra for stric

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ous aspects will be one of the most important subjects under

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medical and lay evidence as to the conduct of tire mother from

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of patent medicines of n3 specially objectionable a

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stilljon the back every motion being attended with pain the

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the operation he sank and died. A post mortem examination showed that the

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Nine trains for lying down and four for sitting cases carry out the

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isted at the Army supply base in Boston and it was recommended

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this fact in no way diminishes the value of Miss Elderton s

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cluding 201 works in all. He referred especially to Die

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jaw f gt r epithelioma but unfortunately a recurrence of the disease

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measures which have come into vogue since the intro

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ing to the author the tardy appearance of an abdomi

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magnetising that while with a self acting voltaic apparatus the

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breast before it invaded the eyes. Wood who witnessed a later epidemic

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disuse is not limited therefore to the muscles alone

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Roberts who iu a letter dated October 9th said that it

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The same issue contains p. 325 a brief report of his paper on

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my own experience I might delude myself into believing it.

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table shows 26 cases operated a total of 136yV years and traced

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They are divided by most authorities into a the puro

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often be an advantage to have this information confirmed by an

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showed marked jaundice and toxemia and the other died of advanced

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agencies the technical schools the universities the industries them

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reviewed all of which unite in a conclusion unfavourable to the use of

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stooping posture the blood which was favoured by gravitation in its

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of tbe organs. A fatal peritonitis is in rare instances lighted t

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became prominent. Since the development of the proptosis she has been very

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however peritoneal infection from peforation occurred and the symptoms

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detected and in three further instances the presence of mer

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The literature of the subject is extensive and to be found chiefly

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in small quantities at regular intervals. In cases which

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bodies believed to be of the nature of psorosperms. Walter Eeed has also

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Smart William M. First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur

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in the treatment of furunculosis and chronic carbuncle.

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that used to explain the rhythmic contractions of the heart muscle.

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the legions mav become conlhient and there is thickening ol the allected arts

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thereby obtained. As regards the medical protection societ.y

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pain of instant dismissal of the collector and it was also

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plement fixation test While I beli eve that this test has arrived

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his cases and was frequently also met with after Bassini s

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ler s solution amyluni iodatum as alteratives sali

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the Public Library and an active member of the local

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out of seventeen answering these questions stated that

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edition published in 1909 less important material finding

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Surgeon. The extension of the leave of absence granted

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Dr. Gurdon Buck of New York. A scalpel wrapped but leaving the

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He ate in about sixteen minutes 100 grammes veal 50 gram

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over a large surface is very apt to cause an eczema.

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laryngeal region causes pain and attacks of coughing. The respiration

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by indirect violence in whicli he made the diagnosis of fracture of

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lesions are found in a larger percentage of cases than

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vision had improved and the eye was doing well. Dr. Zentmayer

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the nitrous oxide ceases the patient recovers consciousness and is free

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the year 1800 referred to elsewhere in our columns.

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A bath helps the circulation because the hydrostatic effect of the

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physique counteract the unfavourable influences of study and confine

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the account of the labor seems sure in regard to this. The

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eye ear nose mouth and tongue. The various subjects are of necessity

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