and of a very appreciable thickness. The others were of different
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Building 8 were prepared and assistance vas given the proposed
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arterial pressure or a lowering of the venous pressure in the sinuses. Such
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day subsequently morning and evening. Any intelligent mother can be
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sand feet above the sea. The air here is dry and balmy
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work of preparing these exhibits has been most oner
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it is a passive hysteria unlike the commoner active hysteria in
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in teaching and in the administration of anesthetics
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noted that the articular cartilages have not been inter
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a few days later. On October 30th Dr. George Heuer removed
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curve the continuous line shows the area of the corpus callosum according to
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Service Member of the Board of U.S. Army Medical Offi
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venous circulation. The clothing should not restrict the neck and care
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rid of ethyl Schleich s infiltration method eucain holo
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before the profession by various authors. One peculiar feature will therefore
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the present Fiufferings but also the cause of much future annoyance. The vagina
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This was confirmed by Federal inspectors. Do not believe the
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greater prevalence or their greater activity. The cases unrelieved
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The original of the successful essay shall become the property of the
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scientific medicine with privates. Yet economic or
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The same observation must be made regarding work areas for our physi
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epithelial cells. The reappearance of iodophil epithelial
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the butt in front and the apex in junction posteriorly Fig. 1. The
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tero posterior diameter. Those measurements included
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frightened by witnessing an epileptic convulsion but the chorea
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with the anti dial etis regimen. This rather harsh measure
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cartilage just above the limit of the new growth. The right vagus and
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been made. The only criterion by which the suitabihty of each case
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is used or recommended as in diseases of the kidneys and bladder
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figure in this return. This low degree myopia is probably
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matter operation should not be advised. These cases
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de Chir. describes a singular affection of a tongue in a
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months until the ensuing summer she suffered excruciating
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as an essential factor in the establishment and maintenance of normal
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linguistic phase of India. In consequence of this coupled with the
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average measurement of the human red blood corpuscle. All

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